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  1. Thanks Ryan! Puyallup eh. My wife has relatives there! Been to the county fair there once. Huge cool event!
  2. Ah, sorry, digging up another old thread. Anyone have any opinions of these vs Futofab? A bit of a difference is price.
  3. Hello, They are still available. If you're local and can pickup in San Mateo, CA, I'd let them go for $175.
  4. Sorry to dig up an old thread. Is there a good way to center the rear tire in the wheelwell with aftermarket parts? I looked at the Apex engineered rear lower control arms and they describe being able wheel centering (up to 1/2" front and 1/2" back). Would anything else need to be changed to do this optimally?
  5. Eibach coilover springs 12 inch, 2.5 in, 175 lb/in. Both for $50. Local pickup. Could ship if you want to pay actual shipping costs. San Mateo, CA Thanks for looking, Ben
  6. DATSUN - KONI Sport Adjustable Gas Strut, Rear, 74 260Z 2+2, 9/74-78 260Z-280Z. I bought these new from Motorsport Auto - The Z Store. https://www.thezstore.com/product/4297/koni-sport-adjustable-gas-strut-rear-74-260z-2-2-9-74-78-260z-280z Ordered October 2023. I ordered the wrong ones. I didn't realize I needed shorter ones for sectioned strut tubes. I had to reorder the ones for rear 240Z, those fit well. Mechanic tried to install one but it was too long. That one is cosmetically scratched up. The other is brand new. I paid $373 shipped. I'll sell the two for $250. Prefer local pickup. May ship if you want to pay actual shipping. Thanks for looking, Ben
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