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  1. please delete, sorry for inconvenience.
  2. pretty sure the fender top covers over the body line, but just teeny bit
  3. Pics or Link? I cant find jendoza, just JDM thank you
  4. Thank you for giving me a little hope in saving these with a trim... I was hoping someone would encourage that before totally removing them. Any tips on how you'd do it? I am looking at coilovers and im torn between Silver-Line Motors coilover kit, 1-3" option and the BC extreme low. I figure I will install the coilovers first and then look at the trim. What should I do with the front? Mold some ZG flares on to match? The tires and wheels are 235/45/17 front and 275/40/17 rear (17x9 front and 17x10 rear) - I am not sure of the offset.
  5. Heys guys! So I recently purchased a 240z that was apparently worked on... the guy I bought it from seems like a genuine guy when he told me he has cut and replaced all the rust on the car. ( his attention to detail seems a little rushed lol.. and his weld are...rough lol) Nonetheless, I am happy. One thing I do not like... and wish I could modify with ease... is the molded fenders. They don't look right on the car. I don't know if its the offset of the wheels (9.5 in the rear) ... or the shape of them? .... or the stock height? Something looks ...not cool. When asked, he told me he fiber-glassed the panel after he cut the rust off. He did this by applying the glass on the fender directly, then on the backside of the fenders. He sandwiched them, and added some screws. After it dried, he removed screws and applied filler/resin/glass, whatever and shaped them. I am contemplating just removing them, but I am scared that too much of the body was cut? I don't want to end up worse than what it is (at least not right now - maybe later). Can someone provide any comments regarding the height of the cut/fender? is it too low? too high? I am looking into ZG flares. I dont want to be screwed with not having the proper fitment for ZG flares, or equivilant. Maybe I can get away with trimming/shaping these? I plan on lowering the car on coilovers and possibly new wheels. (may do 5 lug)
  6. Yeah i can bet its flocked. I have never seen it in person so I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on it
  7. Hey guys, im currently lurking around for ideas to start my modification process of this newly acquired 1971 240z. I was reading a Dash/wrap thread on this site but 95% of the posted pics are over 10 years old and links are broken, making them not viewable. I came across a few professional jobs with beautiful stitching, but the one that appeals to me the most is this one in the photo. Is that alacantra? or that some other material. How do you think it was put on? This photo is pretty much something I can say i'd like to aspire towards. Very clean. thanks guys!, EDIT: is this dash treated with FLOCKIT? (my Z is being shipped to Denver, from VA.....i cant wait to start adding my touches.
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