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  1. Little update… sent the TA off to paint so I had some free time to work on the Z. Floors look solid up until the the seam where it meets the toe board. Rockers have surface rust in the inside. Debating on how to tackle all this. I’ve got new floors/toe board patches/rockers/dog leg/quarter. Can’t stand the thought of grinding rust so thinking about replace the entire floor on both sides. Grind the rust on the toe boards and see how bad they actually are, replace if I have to. Disassemble the rocker and blast them. Pretty sure both sides can be rec
  2. Some pretty good info here https://www.pro-touring.com/threads/134342-Dual-Clutch-Transmission-(DCT)
  3. I love the colour !!! Congrats on the buy.
  4. Took the car for a spin around the block and it runs well, besides that I haven’t really had time to go through the car. I bought it just based off the pictures and had it towed to me. Based off what ive seen the floors are solid but have surface rust and the rear quarter has a few dime size holes. I’ll update the thread when I get some proper pics.
  5. Mating a e92 m3 dct trans to the ls3 would very very interesting.
  6. Hey guys new member from Vancouver BC. Finally got my hands on a 73 240z. Needs some passenger quarter panel work from first inspection but will probably find more as I dig into the car. Struggling with which way I wanna go with this car... do I swap in a ls, rb, etc. Currently also building a 77 trans am that’s had a lot of work done. Should be done soon... well at least I hope so lol
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