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  1. I'm tired of buying panels for this project because I already got everything I could to make it easier. I just couldn't pass this up because it will simplify things instead of being a complete fab job to rebuild. A fellow enthusiast posted a picture of a salvage yard and came across a single 240z among multiple 280z's. It's tail light panel was intact.... And it's been hard to come by. He cut it out and sent it to me for a very reasonable price considering his time, efforts, size, and transit across the country. I had my helpers thoroughly inspect it to great satisfaction. One step closer. Sti
  2. I guess not too much to update. Toying around with maintaining the 370z front speed sensors so ABS and/or traction control will be a realized option. Fitting up the front brakes... Everything's works as expected. Modeling and 3D printing paid off. Safety wire, then fitup. Got a new tiny brake booster. Someone was nice enough to cut off the tail light panel to replace the one on the 72 which is in terribly rough shape. This will be a big time saver since
  3. BRAKES So even though I have the Wilwood hats and their correct offsets, I decided to take some liberties and redesign a set with inspiration from the design of the Trackspeed setup I had for the miata. Printed it out and it fits well! Calipers came in, and I have confidence now in the model previously printed. Had the brackets previously designed cut and test fitted to the OEM 370z knuckle. Tooling didn't come in to make the slots, but I'm not too worried about it. Perfect fit! I don't think I'll ever use Heli-coils ever again. Time-serts feel far superior. I didn't want
  4. Mods haven't moved the build thread over yet, so if anyone is interested in following any updates, you can do so here:
  5. So in a panic trying to get this thing kinda done as I might have to move it out of the shop... Making sparks a couple weekends ago, prepping the inner rocker for the roll cage base mounts. Cut some crusty frame rails out and positioned the new one for mockup. AGI RollCages worked with me to tackle a minor deviation between chassis and sent components to modify the windscreen bar. I cannot recommend AGI enough for their support and level of detail. It's been an open book and one of the easiest companies to deal with. The cage is 100% fitted.
  6. Some progress on the front brakes. The rotor is spec'd for 1.1" thickness but I only had a 0.81" laying around. Same rotor hat in use so the clearance to the "pad" indicates it should fit fine with the full thickness of rotor. Radial distance seems to be spot on. Comparison made between the Forged Narrow Superlite caliper (red) and the Forged Internal Superlite used in T3/ArizonaZCar/Silvermine kits. You can see the difference in width which should help with any clearance woes. Same piston area so they should be compatible. If you want to run larger diameter rotors in the future,
  7. Decided to integrate the radial bracket to the adapter so it's one piece. Printed off to check fitment. I don't have any M14 bolts to check how well the 3D printed threads were made, but it seems to fit the 370z tab spacing just fine. When made, it will take a wilwood bracket-stud kit which is 3/8-16 on the bracket end, and 3/8-24 on the caliper side. Then the Forged Narrow Superlite 6 pot caliper slides right on.
  8. Tried out making a dash badge for some buddies with RB swaps. PETG got a little hairy. I guess I still need to figure out temps.
  9. Finally got around to dig into the Datsun. The quality of the AGI cage is awesome. It's no joke when they say it's a two person job. I'm going to have to cut the mounts free to fidget with the bar since the halo cross bar interferes with the roof. Otherwise, a pretty involved installation for an individual but I think I can get it to work. Update 8/8/2020: The windshield bar was found to be too high, they offered to rebend it and send me a new billet ends to try to cut to fit. I toyed around with creating a new dash emblem. I built out
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome! It's the first time I did a ground-up build so it'll be nice to form an intimate relation ship with every nut and bolt. Gotta know which ones are tender 😅 I wanted to keep it a little more simple. ITB's aside, there's something to be said for being able to pick up any generic part from a parts store. Something something "stock" reliability. It'll be fun since it's my girlfriends first breakout into cars (she actually decided on the LS3) and I get the suspension and brakes. We're still battling over the trans, but we ha e time.... Body first.
  11. I got a sneaky peaky of AGI's 6pt cage they finished. It's coming home! I wish it were through dash, but I'm still happy!
  12. Based on the bartered price for the help of the body shop, and the amount of time it would take to correct the front end of the 280z, it was just easier to 'start' with the 240. That being said, I hope I can resurrect the 280z on my own time as I learn through this process. It's hard to capture but it definitely looked fine, but as you peek away the undercoating, it's just flake. Sanding back to add metal, just opens holes wider and wider because the metal has become paper thin. It's a good candidate for anyone who want's to tube the front end. I don't have a tube bender, nor a garage of my ow
  13. Hey All! I'm new, I've been trying to revive a shell for a while and just abandoned it for another shell. What turned out to be a restoration project with the girlfriend ended up a tumultuous path toward a v8 swapped basket case. Follow the build here: I've been active in Subaru, e30 BMW and Miata communities over the past two decades and have had a history of swapping vehicles. 3 WRX swapped GC's, an s50b30us swapped e30 and even putting GSXR750 forks on a GS500 with a katana rear wheel and hayabusa brakes. My last project was a boosted 450hp Miata that I recently parted out to r
  14. I sent a set of vents to Trackspec Motorsports and they developed a set of replacements. Fits pretty well! The lower flange could have been a bit wider, but that area could be painted black or covered with gasket. They use the stock mount locations, but also have some additional for support around the perimeter. It shipped with black rivets. Hopefully there will be more movement on the rust repair/body soon. Damn Covid19
  15. June 2020 I'm super excited to receive my ApexEngineered front subframe. I bought some metal and began hacking away and blob welding things together. It's pretty bad, but no worse than what I saw at the body shop 🤣 Using one of the frame rail replacements as a reference, I marked out critical locations with a soap marker. To create the little alcove for the subframe mount, I just notched a wider section of the square tube. Tried to remove the mill scale as best as I could Learning how to mig weld
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