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  1. Rebello has a customer that is looking for one so I am getting a credit for my purchase price towards my order.
  2. I am doing my own turbo build and was thinking about using the early EFI intake manifold flange with maybe 2" worth of the original intake runners as the base for fabricating a bigger runner manifold. I cut off the rest of the manifold. Do you have another one of those diesel manifolds or can you post a picture please?
  3. Fwiw Rebello is placing an order for Crower billet cranks. I ordered an 85 mm stroke crank for $3000. Your ITBs would sound sweet even at 7500 rpm plus that would be a lot more attainable and possibly even more streetable and fun.
  4. I recently paid $1,050 but learned that Rebello was ordering billet cranks from Crower. So I put a $2500 downpayment towards the $3000 for an 86 mm billet crower crank. My understanding is that it is 1.5 lbs lighter than the 83 mm diesel crank. If anyone is interested I imagine that you might still be able to get in on the group buy. I believe Friday Oct 30 was his cut off but.....maybe he can easily add additional orders once it is placed????
  5. Thank you for your response. I am 99% sure I am going with 17x10 3 piece Jongbloed Wheels. I understand that their 17 and 18" wheels use the same center section but different rim halves. I intend to us 275x40/17 tires. I spent a lot of time considering the the options available on Tire Rack. I looked at the 285 and 345 15's you mentioned but because there was only 1 tire available for each size I decided against that.
  6. Newbie here doing his first post to this group. I am looking for 17", light weight, 3 piece wheel options. I have no idea what today's market offers. I once had a cool set of Giotti 15x10 3 piece wheels 35 years ago. I like the period look of the Panasports. I am considering 17x10's with a 275x40x17 for the rear and 17x8 with a 245x40 or 235x40 for the front. Or thereabouts. I would like to keep the wheel weight in the 17 lb or 18 lb range if possible. I do not want 24 lb wheels. Any suggestions for wheel manufactures would be welcome. TYIA Chris
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