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  1. myles

    9,000 rpm?

    Well really the reason why I wanted the Jenvey throttle kit was because it is optimal at 9k rpm. I wanted my engine to be able to be there anyway.
  2. myles

    9,000 rpm?

    One more question sorry. Do you think the p90 head is necessary?
  3. myles

    9,000 rpm?

    thank you, also have you had it dyno'd? I would love to know the power it's making.
  4. myles

    9,000 rpm?

    What else is in your motor? Rods, pistons, cam, crank etc:
  5. I'm wanting to build an engine of my own that can rev to 9,000 rpm (L28). What did it cost you?
  6. Hi, I'm wondering how I can build my L28 from a 1975 280z to get to 9,000 rpm. I want to do this because I want to use the Jenvey Individual throttle body kit which says that it is most optimal at 9,000.
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