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  1. "What could possibly go wrong?" LOL The bolts are right on. I think it would be cool and other then just because I can facter I dont think there would be any real gain.
  2. What do you guys think? To try or not to try?
  3. Hey guys I'v been looking at how to do COP on my 81 280zx. I like that some are using the damper with a ring on it but that removes the AC belt and in some cases the relocation of the ALT. I'v been throwing around the idea of a smaller ring in place over the ignition rotor. Would that work??? Thanks for all the help. Oh and I now alot of people like 2-60 air (two windows down 60mph) but I like the AC when its 100 plus degrees.
  4. Here is a very good break-down on how Nissan part numbers work. http://datsun1200.com/modules/mediawiki/index.php?title=Nissan_Part_Numbers
  5. I found this hunter for a parts interchange. I feel it could be very useful to many others. Enjoy! http://www.311s.org/pmwiki-311/pmwiki.php?n=TechSection.Manuals
  6. I am using Winrar, but it is still not woring. Also the E-Fast will start but when I click model list it pops up cd player error? thanks for the help
  7. Has anyone had trouble with the JDM download part 2? I keep getting a corrupt file.
  8. Hey Throttleton would you guys ever sell the frame or could you list the specs?
  9. hey I have family in beaufort. I'm trying to find a job in racing or in a dealership so I can move down there.
  10. If they could get it shipped for 7k-8k I think they could start a whole new market in the US.
  11. Well can someone buy from zforce so they can tell all of us if we should start buying from them again. I really want the G-nose from them!
  12. Re: GRP 240 shells & panels Posted by: Throttleton Date: Today, 04:26PM Hi guys spoke to Guy at work and here are a few more details on the shells & panels:) Body tub is complete frp (Fibre Reinforced Polymer) monocoque. It is a lot stronger than OE datsun tub. It does have the Steel tubing incorporated in the laminate from bulkhed, up screen pillars through roof perimeter etc. Inner sills, rear quarters double skinned like original tub but marine grade foam filled (for extra coolness these features put altogether make this into a very strong safety cell. Regardless of intended use, whether it be track or road, motor-sport or daily driver. Tub + all frp panels Sub 150Kg (330 pounds) It does not mount to a z chassis as it is a FRP monocoque. Also said that he wouldn't really recommend the chassis exactly like the one he has in the pics. Instead He would go for a much simpler bulkhead fitting version that could easily be built buy us or (from our plans) by your local garage maybe yourself if you have the skills? Shell + all panels £3750.00 (individual panel prices if needed tomorrow) shipping around the world should not be a problem in this day & age, so will enquire about that when/if necessary
  13. well i think ill try to rebuild my old caliper and maybe even do a how-to. It should be up with in the week
  14. ok so iv done some looking and im having trouble finding a brake kit for the 280zx model car. I have a 81 280zx and the rear brakes are leaking so now i need to replace them with something new. Does anyone know of a parts store that has the for cheap? Autozone sells them for 91.99. thanks
  15. how far is it from the front 2" to the front of the 5" peice?
  16. jkupp2000

    Egr block off

    Dude, you just need to leave your car alone if you can't measure anything Why are you talking? Not only am I ASE cert. but I also know how to TIG and MIG weld. I most like done more fab work this weekend then you have done your entire life. The only reason I said most likely is because I got the the race shop late on saturday. Thats the place where I have measure and fabircated most of the late model car I'm helping built. So thank you for reading all of the post. jkupp2000 "I would do that but i dont have the pipe or the tube"
  17. thanks i guess if i worked on it during the day i would have seen that. Thank you
  18. i have all the bolts out and the cotter pin but i cant get the pin off the pedal. Can anyone help me out?
  19. Hey no one answered the question of does this apply to s130 and I was wondering if it does can someone chime in on this?
  20. jkupp2000

    Egr block off

    I'm trying that but i dont know the size of the pipe.
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