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  1. chris51608

    L28et E11V2

    That would be awesome.. I’m pretty much ready to start I just need a basemap if possible
  2. chris51608

    L28et E11V2

    Happy holidays guys, I’m in the final steps of finalizing the wiring and inter cooling piping for my car which I am very excited about. The reason I am writing is because i was wondering if anyone would help me out with a base map for my Haltech computer. My setup is as follows 440cc injector yukon Individual coils t3/t4 turbo walbro pump using original dizzy Any help will be appreciated .. have a great holiday guys
  3. hello sir,

     i saw on the forums that you might have the base map for a similar setup that i have. my setup is 440cc supra injector, t3/t4 turbo , yukon waste ignition coils, and im using a e11v2. any help will be appreciate it .

    thank you 


  4. looking for a brake indicator switch for my z .. i live in ct and looking for a decent price on the part .thanks
  5. I'm looking for 240z front and read bumper for my 77 datsun 280z. My car is going to the paint shop and i would like to have the bumpers painted too. You can contact me via email maurizracing@yahoo.com thanks
  6. about 2-3 months ago i bought front and rear fiberglass bumper for my 77 280z from oscar. when i receive the package it had the bubble wrap marks on the gel coat not a big deal! about 3 days ago i try to install them with the hardware provided (not the greatest hardware) but i tried for the pass 3 days to install them with no luck. the bumpers are too big and will need too much flexing. i contacted oscar and im working on the issue ,hopefully i can resolve the issue and get a new set or my money back .overall good costumer service ill keep you posted on the conclusion to the bumper crisis lol
  7. I need turbo diZzy for my turbo swap!! Shipping to 06606 can email at Maurizracing@yahoo.com or txt at 2035722325
  8. Im lookib to buy out of someone rocker panels for. My 280zx if anyone have a zx that they could cut the rocker panels. Out im willin to payy email me maurizracing@yahoo.com
  9. hey im restoring my 79 280zx and my rocker panel corner is rusted,i was lookin at black dragon but they dont sell the corner by itself...they sell the entire back fender...my question is were can i buy the rocker panel corner by itself or can i use the z rocker panel corner to use on my 280zx thanks
  10. I have a f59 block with a p90 head and 1mm headgasket head is all stock and block too ..im gonna be running megasquirt and. The 440 injectors. Also have the p42 intake bored to 60mm throttle body ...what else do u need information. Wize
  11. so can this turbo work with my setup or should i sell this turbo and get another turbo...what would you guys recommend?
  12. hi everyone, to make a long story short my girlfriend bought me a turbo since she knew i wanted one.The description saids "its a Dual ball bearing Garrett T3/T4E, T04E 57 trim compressor with 2.75" inlet and 2" outlet. Stage III turbine wheel with T31 4 bolt. Uses ATP-OIL-021 oil inlet fitting. T3/4 drain flange. Coolant in/out required (14mm threads - same as GT series ball bearing). Great 475HP turbo"...now my question is this turbo good for my L28et setup or it just too weak....running mega squirt and 440cc injectors...thanks
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