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  1. hello sir,

     i saw on the forums that you might have the base map for a similar setup that i have. my setup is 440cc supra injector, t3/t4 turbo , yukon waste ignition coils, and im using a e11v2. any help will be appreciate it .

    thank you 


  2. Looks good, and doesnt look like a painfully obvious aftermarket part
  3. Got a used 5 layer from TurboZ I was gonna use but Im not sure now, what were you looking to spend on a used one?
  4. I have one too, let me see if I can find it and snap a pic of it
  5. I dont have any pics but I did find some of these helpful when I was trying to figure out my water valve without taking my fan out. So I could grasp the idea of the valve without seeing it : http://www.maplesoft.net/datsun/repairandupgrade/heatercore/index.htm
  6. I have some lowering springs for a 280z I bought some in a suspension set, and when I removed the suspension off my car it was all aftermarket already., Ill have to try to find the time and ill get some pics for you this weekend or next I have finals this week and next.
  7. We are all friendly, not sure if ill make it or not but me and you are running very similar setups, and I want to be there
  8. Ill try to send you mine, send me your email
  9. Im in Fort Worth, and I just did a l28et into a '77 280z. I didn't use mega squirt but its probably pretty close.
  10. I would also like a base map just to get things going. I also have an e6. Thanks. Im also in Fort Worth...
  11. Word ive done 3 on 280zs and they've all worked with parking and int. But then again every car is different, they might have wiring issues or have some weird motor from the cars listed above. Who knows but even if $140 is more than i paid on my honda motors, its still not that bad. ,Ryan
  12. Well im sure it'll be worth it, there are obviously a lot of seat switches on here, but that one looks really good. Are you gonna do the passenger? ,Ryan
  13. ^^ what he said. Less rust the less heartache. Ive had to scrap a whole car because the rust repair was more than the car was worth. Ryan
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