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  1. hello sir,

     i saw on the forums that you might have the base map for a similar setup that i have. my setup is 440cc supra injector, t3/t4 turbo , yukon waste ignition coils, and im using a e11v2. any help will be appreciate it .

    thank you 


  2. Prothane motion control part number 14-2002-bl New in box, never installed 150 shipped to the US. I believe it fits all s30s From Summit:
  3. This is a Widebody 74 260z with rebuilt 9 in. ford rear end and heavy duty ladder bars. Custom front and rear body panels. Car has hood with functional hood scoops/ hood pins. 5x4.5 lug conversion all the way around. The front end is custom and looks like a GT40 or Jag E type to me (love it or hate it). No real rust from what I can tell. Rust-free and whole Battery tray, straight and solid frame rails, solid floor pans, and hatch area. Car has no engine or tranny, but this thing needs a V8 bad!!! Paint and fiber glass is very rough in some areas, this needs some TLC. Dent on rear fender. Price is $1200 OBO and located in Texas. I currently do not have the title. Please call or text, you can text anytime 817 668 5O4Eight 240z 280z
  4. Ill take the headers if they are square port LMK thanks!
  5. Bryand2 I do still have the OEM turbo gaskets, but I do not have stock injectors AFCrain, Sorry I dont have a manifold forsale at this time.
  6. After fighting with 3 different people at Fed Ex and being actually refused and turned away b/c 2 of my boxes said Uhaul on them, Today I met with a manager and all boxes have been shipped in the original boxes! BTW even if your Uhaul boxes say "Ok to ship" in a 4 by 6 image on the side or even if on the bottom of the box it says that the box "meets all UPS and Fedex standards of shipping" You may not be permitted to ship that box for various reason,all of them BS and made up on the fly...but still...
  7. Howdy, what year of 240z did the driveshaft come out of?
  8. Updating list, I got out of work late tonight but I should be able to send all paid items out tomorrow! Ill send tracking via PMs
  9. P90a is pending SRRTz, were you asking about the P90a or P90? Nelsonian- Its a long a tragic story but I ended up with 4 or 5 forged l28et ceramic coated pistons and rods, to replace the missing pistons from the set wouldnt be worth it for me, so im selling individual pistons as something someone can make something out of, I was thinking a lamp or shelf or some kind of trophy for our car club but dont have the time and I havent done anything with them as of yet so I doubt i will. Who knows what you could make out of them... Doomsday weapon? New trendy Footwear? Make your lady some nice piston earrings or something
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