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  1. Hey guys, I recently had my harmonic damper fail and replaced it with an ATI Damper. The ATI has a much smaller single v belt pulley, meaning that my manual fan and alternator are now both spinning half as fast. What's more is that I nearly pegged my temp gauge while stuck in traffic for about 30 minutes and it was 60 degrees outside! I'm looking at getting a fan shroud and dual fan set up to maximize cooling. I also started a thread over here about some turbo ideas I've got running linked here Anyway, overheating is only going to be more of a concern if/w
  2. So, a couple things. I'll openly admit, I understand a lot of this in concept, but actually doing it seems really daunting as this is my first project car (did I forget to mention that? lol) As for the fuel system design, I have some dumb questions. What's a surge tank? I assume it's a tank to keep an amount of fuel on tap if you start beating on the car for a long time and to protect against starvation? How would I need to modify the stock tank? The 260Z has a R180 diff, no? That's what I researched and ordered to OS Giken LSD to be matched to. The drivet
  3. Can you clarify what this modification does and why it's needed? As of right now I'm understanding it as: there is a stock bypass of cylinders 5/6 in terms of cooling and this mod gets rid of this bypass to maximize cooling and prevent detonation? Thanks for the info. As of right now my build looks like: Protunerz S30 turbo exhaust manifold Protunerz intake manifold Garrett GT3582R Ball Bearing Turbocharger (Apparently functional to 640 HP, but it's what Protunerz recommends. I'm going to study the maps and other specs more thoroughly)
  4. Thanks for the super comprehensive rundown! This kind of detailed explanation is exactly what I've been looking for. I've been getting mixed responses varying from "if you turbo that engine you'll blow it immediately" to "oh you could turbo that engine bone stock to 350 HP easy don't listen to these people trying to sell you stuff!" Anyway, I feel like 250HP is a pretty modest power goal considering these builds you see on the internet hitting 350-450. So if I'm understanding you correctly, the pistons are really the greatest weak spot? And goal number 1 is to avoid detonation...
  5. Hey guys, I have a bone stock L26 in my '74 260Z. I'm in the middle of upgrading the drivetrain with an OS Giken LSD, aluminum driveshaft and aftermarket ZCarGarage CV Axles in preparation for some power upgrades. I've decided to keep the L26 in the car, but I'm trying to investigate ways to get to 250 WHP. I'm looking into turboing the engine, but I'm getting a ton of mixed responses on whether it'll need forged pistons, ARP 9mm head studs etc. I want to overbuild this set up so that I have a comfy safety factor and won't be overloading any components. Can someone help me figure
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