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  1. yup daily driven 73 260 with l28 and 5spd red paint stock exept back rims
  2. i got a l26 distrubter idk if its the same though
  3. 240z 70-73 260z late 73-74 280z 75-80/1 280zx 81-83 300zx 84-87 or sumthin im not good with the 300s 240sx were 89-93 the one in the pics and the newer 300zx's were late 89 to like 96
  4. nice car keep us posted. yeah im dissapointed i stripped out all that moisture infested tar crap inside the car and realized in the secret compartments under the hatch carpet they cut it out and put speakers in mine and im going to refab that.
  5. i went to pinks yesterday and got an idea from a guy with a monza runnin 9's but i did a 66 327 ss corvette swap and lookin to run 10s
  6. if you have done a fuel cell before tell me what you did to be tech/track legal i got me a 400$ box fuel cell off of summit racing website and i also got the book of regulations for track rules and if i put the fuel cell in a box in the hatch how am i going to fill it as it needs to be sealed completely if its in the car. and if i put it under the car what would i do for a spout im kind of lost here. whats the best method for talking paint off of a abs plastic airdam.? i got a can of aircraft stripper but some people say not a good idea on plastics.
  7. local pickup only i dont ship im in washington

  8. What condition is the 280Z head? When you say "complete 280z head efi without ecu", are you including the intake and such? Or, are you referring to the cam, rockers, retainers, etc. as complete? Do you have any pics? Are you willing to trade, or are your items strictly for sale? Thanks for any info.



  9. hey i have the same combo as you i got a 77 L28 block and a 72 e88 240 head. with 4 barrel intake manifold with the 390 holley and msa performance header 6-3-2
  10. the orignal v8 327 chevy in the car. the bright red one is mine poop brown is dads. 2.8L 4 barrel intake going into the red z with msa performance 6-3-2 header. 10lb 120hp nos shot. have a pair of back rims didnt take pics yet.
  11. alright im kind of stuck and cant decide. i got a good running l28 with e88 head and header and 4 barrel intake manifold no 4 barrel yet still hunting for a 390cfm holley, or in my shed i got a 280z fuel injected head all valves rockers and every thing and cam still intact just needs a cleaning and port/polish mabey a valve grind. i dont know which 1 to do. because im looking at 400$+ with carb and tuning and jets and gaskets on the e88. what would you guys do. "question would the head from the 72 skyline L20 i6 fit the l28?"
  12. are there any hemi or dohc head kits that can fit or be made fit on the l28 engine. if not what head should i use if i got the 4 barrel intake manifold
  13. i dropped my gas tank out yesterday and cleaned it up good and right next to the filler hose on top next to the black rubber thing theres about 8 holes looks like somebody drilled holes idk
  14. im looking for a complete l28et turbo engine stock. message me if your interested.
  15. i got the strap bolts loose good condition still got the gas fill cap off and now im stuck. what can i go to get the filler hose off of the tank itself. its almost krusted on. there was 2 inch thick of old ass dirt on the tank covering the hose. i scraped it all off and have the filler hose only left before i can drop it
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