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  1. Paypal transfer for Barbed rail with gauge and seal kit... CANT WAIT!
  2. reviving old thread. all the pictures are loading except the ones that say "this is the pic you need!", and "here you go!" and such... figures. anyone have the pictures of those plugs?
  3. Had the same issue with my partially completed project I bought. I ended up purchasing an '83 ECcs and harness from someone on here, and many headaches later I wish I would have just gone with the megasquirt. So many little issues have popped up and every one requires lots or research and some was nearly impossible to find. However the megasquirt has tons of threads on how to wire everything. You will most likely end up spending close to the same amount in little parts and tears as you cry yourself to sleep every night your z is still not running properly... At least this has been my experience.
  4. So I've read on many threads that in order for the engine to run with MSD ign. You need to use a tach adapter msd part 8910. Nowhere does it say how that needs to be wired up though... I called MSD and they said the MSD box is triggered by grounding, and when I hook it directly to the ignition wire off the eccs it doesn't trigger properly. I'm assuming this is where the tach adapter comes in, however there is no wiring schematic that shows how to do this with the 8910. I have all the MSD paperwork and still nothing. Help please! Everything else on my z is done except this one wire!
  5. I have an L28ET that was purchased in a hacked up turbo swap, so far I have found that pretty much everything electrical and half of everything else on this engine is from different years only some of which are compatable. (ex; had a '78 N/A ecu and harness, '78 distributor, '81 turbo or N/A oil pump drive shaft, what I BELIEVE is an '83 block and internals, 'upgraded' injectors that I have no idea what they are from, front brakes from a toyota 4x4, the list goes on and on) Anyways... as I'm trying to figure everything out and get it running I'm starting to wonder what year the motor actually is. Is there a way to tell? I've had all the internals rebuilt professionally already since the cyl walls were scored pretty badly, i told them it was an '83 but does that even matter? I'm treating it as if it were an '83 and the ECU, harness, distributor... etc. that I'm putting on it are from an '83. As long as i pick a consistent year will it matter what year the block was originally? I've had all the internals rebuilt professionally already since the cyl walls were scored pretty badly. Any input on this topic would be appreciated, I've been searching this and other forums for a long time and all I could find were lists of specific parts that were different on the individual years of the L28ET, I couldn't find any information on the motor itself.
  6. I'm a little biased because I want that harness but check this thread out about custom harnesses for the MS. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/120105-mega-squirt-high-quality-custom-harnesses/ Their harnesses are really slick and seem very reasonably priced. The guy who does it is really nice too and will answer any questions you have about what you will need in your harness for the Mega Squirt. Good Luck!
  7. Needing new ECU/Harness for '83 L28ET

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  10. Hmm, so if i wanted a new clean harness I'd have to find an old one first with all of the connectors to build from?
  11. Do you/would you make a harness for a stock '83 L28et? I recently swapped and am looking for an ECCS ECU and harness. Yours look so fresh and so clean!
  12. I'm looking for an ECU and paired harness for an '83 L28et, it is my understanding that any of the years are compatible as long as they have the harness from that year as well. I have the 5spd but I believe the auto ecm works as well. Any advice on where to find one for relatively cheap would be welcome as well. thx!
  13. Thank you very much cgsheen! Looks like I'll be needing a new harness and ECCS ESU as well. I'm probably going to stick with stock since I'd rather not fiddle with rewiring things at this time. I just want to get my baby RUNNING! it's been so long and I NEED this! Just rebuilt pretty much everything else and I can't tell you how sad I was when it still didn't work after replacing/rebuilding pretty much everything else. Every time I pull one thing to fix I think: 'well since i'm already in there I might as well do this too...' famous last words. Thanks again!
  14. It's the factory 5spd, not auto. So far everything I've found that says it's from that engine starts with A11, I didn't think this would be such a hard piece of information to get.
  15. That is correct, originally I was using an MSD ignition box, and ended up switching back to the stock ignition and engine control thinking it was original to the '83, but it turns out is original to the '78. I still have the '83 distributor, ignition and AFM that I plan on putting back in when I change out the ECU, and I'm thinking most likely I will have to replace the whole harness as well, as I'm not sure what engine that is originally from either... this car is all over the place. Those links are very helpful thanks! but once again it conflicts with everything I have found so far... according to that the proper ECU # is: A18-604 046... I think you're right, I may just go completely aftermarket since I'll most likely have to replace everything anyways This has been a very humbling project for sure, with how much research time and effort I've put into just finding out what is what I could have built the engine from scratch 2 times by now! I want to track down whoever did this swap originally and give him a piece of my mind...
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