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  2. FYI 1. When the spark plug gets too hot it can adjust its gap by itself. If this happens get a colder plug. 2. What Thumper says is always right:twisted:
  3. Sounds like you are blowing out the spark. Especially the part where you can run lower boost and not higher. Tighten the gap to something very small.
  4. Yepo it is a stock boost gauge sender. Thanks for your help. And it in no way effects the stock ecu. So when you get an aftermarket gauge remove it:-D
  5. Its labeled boost solenoid and has a vacuum hose connected to it. With no vacuum/boost it sends out 2.21 volts. At maxium lip suckage it gets 2.1 volts at maxium lip blowage it gets 2.34 volts. So it definetly is sending different volts to the ecu. My question is does the ecu actually use this? and what is normal volts for this sensor? Thanks
  6. I'm working on my friends 280zx turbo 82'. I remember reading way back then about the boost reference device over by the ignition coil. If my memory serves me correctly it supposedly tells the ecu it is running more boost. My question is does anybody know what this thing does? and do you know how to test it to see if it is good or bad? I game my factory manual to my friend and its now lost so no go there. Thanks
  7. I dynoed tuned my ghetto beast (crappy 280zx turbo) on the dyno with adjusting the afm. But it only ran great at full throttle and it changed afrs every day. Get a standalone and you will be much happier. Megasquirt with all extra parts can be done for $400.
  8. The regulator is fuctioning correctly. It moves up 7psi when the vacuum is diconnected while engine is running. And it goes up 1psi for every 1 psi of boost. And it holds a vacuum when I put a vacuum pump on. I'm going to try and get some more stock injectors and i'll take the fuel rail off and see the spray pattern of the ones i have currently.
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