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  1. Hi: I have a 1995 LT1 installed in my 73. I used the stock Camaro accessory bracket for the alternator installation. Of course modifications were required. It has been a while and I did not write anything down, I believe I used a power steering delete kit as received and Modified an A/C delete kit. Had to measure for the belt and sorted it out.....not sure of the final length of the belt. I used the JTR mounts with basically the same block hugger headers in your picture....mine were not chrome. I am attaching some pictures of the installation. Hope they help. It is actual
  2. Hi Miles.......It is a really long story. I will shorten it up as much as possible. Lt1 from a 1995 Camaro purchased with flywheel/pressure plate still installed. T5 from 1992 Camaro purchased separately. When conversion installed with JTR pieces all was excellent.....3/4 in M/C, stock slave. Damaged #7 piston on the track. Removed and repaired and replaced clutch and pressure plate when re-assembling. Subsequent vibration ..... clutch causing it. Purchased stage 1 flywheel/clutch/pressure plate kit....even though stock would work fine I wanted a quality piece so I had no more vibratio
  3. Thanks for responses..........at the present time the transmission is still installed which is why I have chosen this course of action. I can make my current geometry work with my I inch master cylinder....which results in a very stiff clutch pedal which is how it was before I started playing. Changing the pivot point would allow me go with a 3/4 inch or 7/8 inch master cylinder reducing pedal effort to a more comfortable level. The pivot ball pictured in hardened steel and no machinable. If I cannot piece together what I need and end up removing the transmission then my approach will be d
  4. I was hoping someone could help me find an adjustable clutch fork pivot ball..I have a 1973 240z where I have installed an LT1 from a 1995 camaro and a Borg Warner World Class T5 from a 1992 camaro. The threads on the stock pivot ball in the picture is 22mm x2.5 as is the threaded bell housing. My local speed shop had nothing to help me. I purchased a 22mm x 2.5 die and had a friend attempt to thread a piece of mild steel round bar to fabricate one....but alas the die failed after just about a 1/2 inch of thread being cut. After searching online before and after this attempt I could only fi
  5. I just fininished my LT1 installation.....I struggled with the same dilema...alternator mounting. After a bunch of research I opted to keep the LT1 bracketry. My LT1 is converted to rochester carburator. I had purchase an A/c delete pulley that rested on the right frame rail. I then fabricated my own. I used a power steering delete pulley, I have the manufacturer at work but I found it thru this site. good luck
  6. Hi All: My carburated Lt1 install in my datsun 240Zis almost done. I was wondering if someone could help me with the alternator hook-up. I had cut the alternator connector off the LT1 harness which had a single pink wire. I assumed this was the field wire. I had converted my old charging system to a single wire alternator from a 1985 nissan 300zx and it had worked flawlessly. I had put an inline diode on my field wire when I did my old upgrade. This kept the alternator from back feeding the ignition circuit. I have the 1996 camaro service manual but it is no help. I may in fact h
  7. Thanks for the reply. I will wait on the driveshaft.......was hoping to save down time. I bought a Tilton 3/4 inch master cylinder for the clutch.....retapped the output port for 1/8 pipe and installed an 90 degree AN fitting for a dash 6 hose. I can't seem to find the slave cylinder plunger........parts have been laying around for a while. I modified the slave cylinder per the JTR manual. I will have to fabricate my own rod. I will post updates. regards
  8. Thanks for the input. I will wait on the driveshaft and will probably route the steam vents to the radiator return. I am hoping to get started in a couple of weeks.
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  10. Hi All: I was wondering if anyone who has transplanted an LT1 could link me too some installation pics. Any advice as to clearance issues, exhaust or any glitch would be helpful. I am new to this board and will fill you in on where I stand. I have an LT1, removed from a 96 camaro and a T5 from a 92 Camaro. I am using the JTR mounting kit. I have converted the LT1 to carburator with a GM intake, petronix flamethrower distributor and a Rochester 4 barrel. I am using the LT1 accessory bracket with A/C and Power steering delete Pulleys. I have removed the oil cooler and plugged the wa
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