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  1. Posted 02 May 2010 - 11:19 PM by EDWARD people that steal can burn in he** with a pineapple shoved up there A** 0 Thieves make my blood boil
  2. Ive been storing my 1980 280zx na coupe at a family members house for a while now. The family member in question had the only ignition key and she got her purse stolen. I have keys that i thought were for the ignition and the doors being that the ignition key she had also locked/unlocked the doors and decklid. So i went over there today after work and she tells me the car has to depart from here garage in a few days. I replaced the fuel pump to prep it for the drive to my new place. Its been about 3 months scince the car was last turned over and 3 and a half scince it was last started and driven. And before that i started it every weekend and drove it to brunch with my mother in law every other sunday or so. So i know it will be driveable for the trip to the new house if i could just unlock the steering wheel and get it started. I tried using my door keys whitch are considerably worn out, and jiggling the heck out of them while giving some turning pressure to no avail. I also tried this with a few similar 80's era nissan keys from friends vehicles. I even tried putting an allen wrench in there and turning while manipulating the wafers with hairpins. (saw it in a movie once) I pulled the covers off the and looked around for numbers to get a new key made and came up empty. No luck in the glove box or door lock cylinders either. i thought jiggling my door keys in there would work for sure, being that they look just like my ignition key did but worn down. I have a small slide hammer for body work. can i just thread a screw into the lock and rip the lock cylinder out and start it with a flat blade screwdriver? The car is registered and insured in my name and i have title in hand so im not worried about being pulled over on the way there with a screwdriver as a key. the car is also going into a locked garage for storage untill I can find a hatch and driver door and get started on my bodywork, so Im not worried about it being stolen. When i get the new hatch and doors Ill buy a full lock set with matching keys. Any thoughts on the slide hammer idea? I was also thinking drilling out the snap off bolts that hold the ignition switch on and removing the lock and switch completly. wouldnt that free up the wheel? Then i could run a jumper wire with an inline circuit breaker to the fuel pump and the fuse box directly and push-start it, right? that sounds logical to me but then again its late and that could be the 10 hours i just spent in a hot as hell sportsbar kitchen talking. Any insight would be appricated. if i hadn't spent every dollar i had getting into this new house i would buy a new lock and key, get a hayes manual and swap it out or have it towed out and deal with it later. Damn i wish i had AAA
  3. Does anyone sell a complete kit of interior fasteners for the 280zx n/a coupe? I'm currently putting the interior back into my zx and and have a lot of used parts that i just finished dyeing black. The used panels dont have fastners, and im missing a few origionals. And most of the thirty year old plastic rivits are crumbling. And all the screws are rusting.
  4. Good thing you werent in there. That can would have taken your head off. I had a party horn explode on the dash of my work truck while pulling out of a hotel parking lot after five hours in the south florida sun. Its a good thing that the dash on that box truck slanted away from me because it went off with enough force to remove a good portion of the windshield.
  5. Yea they do, as do the the grand marquis. And someone said something about them being expensive, Baa A friend and I just pulled one from the local pic n pull for $250. It was a 4.6 DOHC from an early '90s mercury to replace the motor in his '97 ford F150 stepside. Diddn't take the thanny though. he's keeping the trucks tranny for the lower gearing in first and second for towing his boat.
  6. Nice wheels. I love that they are the only pollished piece on the car. Black trim FTW. Also dig the black pinstripping and lack of body side trim /door bumper thing. And wow, I never knew I liked the stock front end till i saw it painted to match. But im still sure i hate the turbo hood. My s130 will be done and out of the paint shop in about six months and im about 30 min from boca if youd like a new subject sometime.
  7. Fix your video please. I'm a ford guy myself but a sucker for a chevy smallblock in a z.
  8. How wide are the Tiburon housings? Dont want to use them as headlamps but fog lights would be nice. A little wiring and some relays and i think theyd be great fog lamps.
  9. Just a little note for those who smoke or someone else has burned a hole in your carpet. Or if you accidently rip out a little tuft of carpet while removing your girfriends favorite hard candy:frown: Cut a tuft from a non visible spot, like under the door sil, and roll it into a ball and stick it to the spot with a few drops of super glue. Then take a sharp pair of sisors and trim it flat with the surrounding area and volia no more hole. Work wonders and id give to credit to the site where i learned it but it was a few years back.
  10. PUREPONTIACKID, Is that a crome dustguard or you just have some rediculis huge rear rotors?
  11. Hey LUVEMFAST, heres what im talkin 'bout with the headlamp covers. Take a look-see at his first pic. You can see the mounting tabs with the clears. Personally i like the clears better but on a black zx I'd go for smoke because they blend with the color of the car and hide the mounts. Oh and PurePontiacKid that exaust sound is wicked. Just downright in your face. And I never thought id say this, but allmost too agressive for me. But if you dicide to get new wheels PM me ill take those off your hands for you. I have the iron crosses but i love the six spokes.
  12. Yea I have the BlueStreak toy its from the origional '84 cartoon. And its not blue its silver with fairlady markings.
  13. Get the smoke tinted covers, they hide the hardware. They attach with little silver tabs and you can see them with the clear ones.
  14. I'm going to get skins made for mine and another set that i have. I'm waiting to hear back from the guy at Too Intense Restoration on how much if I supply my own vinyl. Gonna have them done in the carbon fiber vinyl. Are yours suede? If not as long as the panel backing itself is good, and the window fuzzy is good i might take them for the right price. PM me please.
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