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  1. I've never been one for V8 swapped Z's, but this is really cool! Props to you! Looking forward to upcoming updates!
  2. Yea, he tried screwing me out of my kit and when I caught him in the act he didn't like it so much. He got his ebay pos parts and his money back btw. The parts that I received weren't the parts that he sent me pictures of, so I called the deal off. I'm not here to screw anyone over, I'm just as much of a Z enthusiast as everyone else here.
  3. I don't have a HKS, but I do have a Cartech plenum. Message me if you're interested.
  4. You know you've owned a Datsun when you sell yours and still can't help but to browse the forums twice a day.
  5. WARNING! NO DATSUN CONTENT! So my dad is building a '92 Civic hatch for a drag car, and he's planning on running a HUGE turbo in the bumper. Well I decided to design a custom header for him so that I could get some more experience with AutoCAD (I've been doing it for 4 years, but any experience helps) and this is my first time messing with 3D Modelling. Check it out and let me know what you think I'm working on getting some L6 & L4 header flange dimensions, so that I can start designing a set of headers for the L
  6. Well once you heat it up it becomes flexible again making it easier to fit it over the end.
  7. When I put mine in, I put the filler neck on first and then used my little brother and a jack to get it up into place. You can try to heat up the rubber a little and then it should flex a little more and slide on. If not, use alot of PB Blaster or WD40, and use all of your body weight to try to get it to slide on. Good luck
  8. I'm sooo excited for Sunday Are you taking anyone with you? If not can I ride with you?
  9. When your teachers from freshman year ask you if you got your Datsun running yet, and the answer is always, "Almost, I just have (explains parts list)", and really it turns out as a lot more than that.
  10. Had a great time yesterday I didn't really want to get too close because technically I wasn't supposed to be there (Damned minor waiver rules ) Get some bigger seats so I can fit LOL
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