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  1. had some time today. Yes the timing is now correct...it was wrong in the pictures above secondly, im getting confused with the location and function of the water temp sensor. According to my haynes manual it is located at the t stat housing according to several people on this forum its in place of the head temp sensor. the stock sensor(at t stat housing) was removed by PO and replaced with an after market unit that runs to a gauge and does not wire up to the factory electrical harness (harness was cut). i hope that my manual is correct
  2. got the timing set. There was so much gunk on the crank pulley that i didn't see the tdc marking on it and assumed the magnetic pointer was supposed to be set to zero. car still does not like to start when cold at all. It still takes about 7 tries to finally fire it up. Once warm though it starts up right away. http://www.atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/efisystem/280zfuelinjectionbook.pdf according to that link above i need to check the cold start injector. I do not have one on my car and to varify that an 81 turbo engine never came with one i talked to a local Z shop owner. The answer was no. so what would the next step be?
  3. yep that's what my cam is set at. seems like my cam timing is good. But doesnt the magnetic point on the crank pulley need to be pointing at '0' with the engine at TDC? if so is there any way it wasn't installed properly? or is there a key which allows only one angle of direction? if there is a key way, then how could be it off?
  4. i forgot that i start a thread like this a while ago. So mods if you feel the need please delete this thread or the other thread thanks
  5. i forgot i had this thread open as its been a while since i worked on the car. i took a few pics so i can show you all where things are ligned up. this is with the #1cyl at tdc compression stroke and here is the dizzy set up in order to get the timing where its set. and heres a pic of the TB...looks to me im missing of a few things such as the idle screw? unless the 81's didnt come with an idle adjustment screw and because i really need this figured out asap here is a pic of the cam
  6. Done looking through the haynes manual and the manual from carfiche.com i dont see those terms anywhere. are you talking about this? this is with the #1 piston at tdc..something seems very off. Plus i dont know why there is a red mark there looking at the pics you can see that the PO did not lign up the chrome links. Ive been told that this wouldnt effect the timing and it was just simply a guide during assembly. Would there be any negative effects by not having them lined up? so remove oil pump and adjust? or simply rotate the dizzy clock wise as its at the most counter clock wise position. pic! you do this once timing is set. then you use the feeler guage, tighten it down and re check timing So is my cam timing ok or not?? Can anyone tell me what im missing on the TB body please? also i dont see the cold start injector anywhere. this all would be much easier if i had another car in untampered form to reference off of.
  7. ill try to time the engine according to the manuals first. mods please delete this thread
  8. i bought the car with the swap completed and running poorly. PO thought the engine was toast and sold it to me. I fixed what was wrong with it and fabbed up a new rad sapport and basically revid the car to being operational. 81 ecu with 81 harness thats in pretty bad shape. I got an 83 harness and dizzy on stand by. at first i thought it was the AFM so i swapped it out with the one from an 83 with no change.
  9. Hi everyone, Ive had this 78 280z with l28et for a bit and I've been trying to repair things to the point where i can now concentrate on getting it to run right finally. so first off, it takes several tries to fire up. Its pretty bad, infact its worse than trying to start a carbed car in the winter as i need to press the gas for it to fire up. As my first step i would like to see if my timing chain is off. Reading the manuals and such i find that unless the person had delt with this system before the proccess can be cloudy. I removed my valve cover and took pics of the cam/chain while the engine was at TDC so that way you guys can shed some light on this. As i side note TDC was found by using a screw driver to feel when the #1 piston reached the top. and here's a pic of the dizzy and the TB. it looks as if something was removed and JB welded on the top of the TB. could this be where the cold start injector should be? In order to set the ignition timing with this set up i need to position the crank angle sensor to its lowest position and and turn the dizzy counter clock wise yet im still at 22*. of course though with out a tach i cant tell if im setting it at the right rpm (doing it at idle once warmed up) please help! i fear that if i dont get these issues solved i wont have the car on the road for months as my life just got very busy
  10. I think i read some where on this forum that i can check to see if my cam timing is correct by looking at the position of the cam lobes through oil cap opening. I cant seem to find the thread though. Can anyone shed some light on this please? i would really like to rule out timing as the cause of my cars issues
  11. thanks but i got a newer 82 harness and dizzy already as a last resort option. Im in the market for a something that isnt 20+ years old. Hence why I'm asking for an after market system
  12. if anyone is selling their system I'm looking to buy!!!
  13. well, both! im looking to buy one to get rid of the old wiring and i wanted to know if these were available from companies or a member on this forum who offers such services to reduce errors and down time SO, if you got one let me know what you have and a price. if you know of someone who would wire up say a megasquirt system or microtech point me the way
  14. i was wondering is there some one in the market who sells a pre-tuned and pre-wired aftermarket EMS of some kind for an l28et? more or less a plug and play system thanks
  15. thanks for the pics guys but i decided i make my own support vs trying to repair the one in the car. Ill post pics up when finished
  16. Im in need of pictures of a 280z rad support and the area behind the grill and bumper. mine has been modded and i would like to bring it back to what it looked liked from the factory can anyone help me out? thanks
  17. i thought the 81's didn't have vac advance? where do i disconnect this and is it supposed to be set at 20* with it disconnected?
  18. BUMP been searching for a few hours and still cant find anything
  19. im looking for the oil cooler line which attaches to the top outlet of the stock oil cooler ( the one with the 90*) of a 280zxt, in great shape as mine is cracked OR if some one has a complete aftermarket kit i may be interested in that as well.
  20. i bought a not-so-running 75 with an 81 ZXT swap and im having issues trying to set the timing to 20*BTDC. i have brought the Crank sensor to its lowest point and turned the dizzy as counter clock-wise i could. Yet im still advanced at 22 1/2*. The car does have an odd stumble at times and the rpms rise up for a bit every few minutes. When the rpms rise up my timing gun doesnt seem to get a signal. heres an interesting note. It idles slightly better at the setting i found the car which was at 30* BTDC please help a newbie out thanks
  21. im looking for an aftermarket oil cooler kit as my stock hoses have cracked in many places. anyone care to show me a link to a good kit?
  22. ive installed a dynomax and a magnaflow muffler in my other turbo car and i have found that the magnaflow sounds alot better
  23. one of the lines coming off of my stock oil cooler is leaking and i need to replace the hose and crimp on new fittings. what kind of fittings do i need? i went down to the local Princess auto and all they carry are NPT and some other kind of fitting but they both dont work. thanks
  24. it was the AFM. it keeps getting stuck open. as it turns out though my timing is off by a good bit. Also the PO removed the idle control valve located on the throttle body and JB welded the opening. Is this a common practice when modding these turbo engines?
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