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  1. 5.Z

    1973 240z roller Coulterville, Ca

    Free bump. Im in the bay area. Lmk if this is still available. I sent an email but incase you didnt get it pm me here thanks
  2. 5.Z

    1971 240Z V-8

    I just saw this on ebay acouple of days ago. super Nice ride. I was trying to download some pics from ebay but it wouldnt let me. lucky I found this lol. This deffinitely inspired me to build another Z. where did you get those back fenders? or where they actually fully customed?
  3. honestly radiator isnt an issue. I know theres a lot of info on here that said you "should" upgrade but PERSONAL experience when I run my 260z with 302 i used the STOCK radiator kept the temp at 180* THEN NOW ITS BOOSTED-61mm holset and guess what Stock radiator and temp is at 180*(Im in California weather) I am using a ford taurus 2 speed fan but the 2nd speed NEVER kicked in b/c it does not get that hot. btw is your a/f a wideband?
  4. 5.Z

    Just bought a 240z w/ a ford engine

    Curious why not just drop in another 5.0 engine? For 400 a piece I would save myself the headache of rebuilding and guesswork.
  5. 5.Z

    Complete SBF Conversion Kit

    A few points that you guys might want to consider.(I have a finished 302/t5 swap so im basing this on my set up and experience)-budget build in mind- 1. The transmission crossmember that the ls1 guys use WORKs for t5 just needs to drill 2 holes. 2. I would seriously consider PULL slave cylinder it's cheap and it works($50-100) plus if it leaks you don't have to pull the transmission. Buy a master cylinder that's 1"-it's what I use and it works great with ss line. 3. Get a Taurus 2 speed fan works great and It actually cools down my turbo v8, using this fan on a stock 260z radiator. In California weather. 4. Block hugger headers will need to be dented and shorties header will not work/will require more work. 5. Get stock mustang 5.0/t5 driveshaft and have a ds shop cut it and have the jtr diff ends mounted. From experience I don't think that this really needs a "kit" as it's easily piece together. The only thing that really require finding is the engine crossmember but from what I have read there's a couple people that already offers this. Like this one.(I did not use this mount but is this a kit that you guys are after? Or more "fully complete"? http://www.technoversions.com/
  6. 5.Z

    Widebody 1971 240z v8

    are you planning on weighing it after? I'm curious to see the end weight of this thing.
  7. 5.Z

    Rota RB/RB-R, 4x114.3, 17", Z-Offset Wheels

    looks like i have to wait longer to finish my flare. I ran out of welding rod and the welding shop that has the little tiny rods for my welder is closed on the weekend. believe it or not but even with this tire my car still burns out on first gear and a little bit on second on a hard launch and when the boost kicks in.(but hopefully when the ground is hotter it will hold) AND THIS IS ON 4PSI LOL and when/where in the summer? Im definitely down to see the Zs in the bay. and sorry for the bad quality friend have my camera and this was taken with my outdated phone lol.
  8. 5.Z

    Rota RB/RB-R, 4x114.3, 17", Z-Offset Wheels

    Thanks gollum for confirming that. I don't mind doing the body work since I actually like having wide flares. I actually finished cutting up my fenders this weekend and fitted my 325/50r15 nitto. So any tires I put on here should fit. Next week I'm hoping to get my custom flare done.
  9. Sorry but this is for longnose right?
  10. 5.Z

    4 and 5 lug Chromoly Rear Stub Axles

    Hahaha yea I ran across that thread. Thanks for the input ill check/read up on this product a little bit more. It is afterall no chump change. Thanks for the input.
  11. 5.Z

    Rota RB/RB-R, 4x114.3, 17", Z-Offset Wheels

    Yes I am aware of that. .5" is the exact number. I have search threads on google and found a few pics of 295 Fitting on a 9.5" with very liltle "bubble" In fact it only seems to bubble up as much as my bfgoodrich 315 on a 17x10.5 Recommended or not seems to run fine as people have run and if comes down to it yes I'm willing to risk it. Even though it doesn't seem that much of a risk.but to each his own. And for those that would argue to just stick with 285 I would prefer the 295 as it is only 25" tire compare to the 285 which is a 25.7" if memory serves me right. Which should up my overall gearing. Anyways I don't mean to be rude but I have done my research so if anyone could answer my original question that would be great. I did a little bit of a calculator on this. The front rims have 4.48" backspace and back have 4.5"backspace right?
  12. 5.Z

    4 and 5 lug Chromoly Rear Stub Axles

    R230 From what I have read they are bigger than a ford 9" and are a bolt on affair with kits available. I have considered live axle but I just don't think it will handle as well as the IRS. This will not be strictly drag and will probably run slicks when I go to the strip for about 2-5 passes A YEAR so I think I'm being realistic. And the rest will be street use. The reason I ask is because modern motorsport stubs can handle plenty so I was curious if the strengh is the same at cheaper price. Thanks for the advice but I have done my research and would rather not get this forsale thread get off topic in posting my set up.
  13. 5.Z

    4 and 5 lug Chromoly Rear Stub Axles

    interested. do you have any idea on ballpark on what it would take to break one of these? im looking to push 650whp on a turbo v8. and eventually run slicks. i would hate to buy these now only to change them out when i get to FULLY finish this project.
  14. 5.Z

    Rota RB/RB-R, 4x114.3, 17", Z-Offset Wheels

    clearance issue where? if its fender related no problem mines cutout now just trying to set up my wheel/tire combo. my rear fender has been trimmed to fit 325/50r15 yes 28" tire. but i have a correct backspace rim. and thanks but yes I am fully aware that 285/40 is taller than the 275/40 and yes i am fully aware that 295/35 is shorter in diameter as it is after only a 25.1" tire. ideally of course I should match it with 255/40 and 295/35 or 275/40 with 315/35 but i wanted to see if 275 can fit up front and if 295/35 can fit outback. without rubbing the suspension stuff.
  15. 5.Z

    Rota RB/RB-R, 4x114.3, 17", Z-Offset Wheels

    Anyone fitted 285/40r17 on the rear and 275/40 upfront with this rims? Did it need spacer or anything? Aside from flares ofcource. Or maybe 295/35 for rears?