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  1. Hey! Greetings from Turku.. I´ve got old school buble rear flares, belive they are over 2", and didn´t get any complains in inspection. I´ve got also spare set of them, made of fg
  2. Thumbs up! Got my speedhut´s and they are perfect..
  3. I´ve seen a few cars in container but never ever seen them hanging on the ceiling
  4. Where did You get that GF dash?
  5. Still looking for L6
  6. Zed with 606 www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RghY0For0Q
  7. If needed I´ve got F54´s P90`s LD28 crank´s heeder´s etc.. In Finland let mr know if You need some thing Engine builders also..
  8. jos tarvis niin multa löytyy ehjä kojelauta sekä peittävä päällinen..
  9. Thx but looking for L6
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