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so you wanna swap an rb eng? here ya go


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How to swap an rb engine into a z


First you need to figure out what engine and performance you want…

The rb-20 motor is a 2 liter turbo or N/A motor both are considerably stronger then the L motor


The rb-25 is basically the same as the 2.l but has more displacement and can be modded to handle more HP in its stock internal form. A friend of mine took a stock N/A rb25, threw a turbo on it and ran the hell out of it for a year and a half at very high boost levels before he put a hole in a piston!!!! Car dyno’d at 430 RWHP on a chassis dyno


The rb-26 DETT comes twin turbo only… it is a detuned Japan touring car motor. With simple upgrade like a chip , intake, and exhaust you can be well over 300hp. The bottom end is built to with stand 600hp before needing upgrade forged pistons and rods.

This motor is considerably different then the 2.0 and 2.5. The only thing that is swappable between the 2.5 and 2.6 is the block and that has to be bored and some other mods done to fit the head. If possible you want to stick with the 2.6 block especially if your going to build it up for a lot of power… the 2.6 block is a lot stronger


Ill start with the rb-26 swap as this is what I did.


I purchased the majority of the parts from one shop on Okinawa (HAAS) and got a pretty good deal on everything. Here’s what I got


Rb-26dett, trust FMIC, r-33 GTS-T 5 speed tranny, r-200 LSD, drive shaft that I needed, and a bunch of other stuff I ended up not using. 3500.00


Things I didn’t use…


stock computer, stock wire harness, stock oil pan


First thing I did was remove the GTR oil pan , installed the pickup / oil pan from the z-31. Then I installed the z-31 motor mounts. I installed the motor with tranny bolted up. We then took the stock mount from the L tranny cut it up and welding it back together. Then cut and shaped the chassis part of the mounts and bolted everything together. Once everything was in place where I wanted it we tacked it in, then removed everything and welded it all up. It wasn’t till later that we figured out the drive shaft would fit without cutting it ;> I was told this but had never seen it done so I wasn’t sure. From this point it was a matter of fabricating all the stuff to make the engine work.


Other parts I bought from different sources…


Exhaust (Kakimoto) I ordered this thru Matt at motorworx on Okinawa. http://www.motorworx.tv/

I bought the GTR down pipe from the kinser auto hobby shop USMC then had it modified by matt to fit the 260z install. basically cut it in half then welded a couple of bends in it to fit


Fuel pump I bought off of ebay … bosche 600hp injection pump.


The oil pan and sump I got out of a Japan spec Z-31 rb20det 300zx in a junk yard. the front of the oil pan had to be cut out and lowered to clear the bearing retainers in the 2.6. The block has a spot for a rear pickup but it is not drilled out so I had to use the front port on the 2.6. This meant I had to make a custom oil pickup that went from the front of the motor to the rear.

If you use the rb-25 block this is not necessary, in fact everything from the Z-31 is bolt in!!!!


I purchased the SDS EMS thru matt at motorworx…. I can not say enough about matt… he is awesome and very meticulous… if he wouldn’t do it on his own car he wont tell you or do it to your car



I did pretty much all the manual labor like installing the motor, tranny, diff, and a bunch of other stuff associated with a body restoration;>


Matt at Motorworx did all the welding on my car…to include the exhaust, down pipe, intercooler in and out mods, and piping

He modified my fuel tank pickup to a –8 for better fuel delivery.

He also did the SDS install, and setup. Which without changing anything the car ran a best 11.138 @ 121!!!!!!


Ok to summarize… with all the parts above everything bolts in


You’ll need to make tranny mounts, and all the associated welding for the exhaust and intercooler piping. From there it just like any other swap.


The motor sits a little fwd with the z-31 mounts so if your looking for optimal handling you’ll need to make custom mounts to set the motor down and back a bit. You’ll also need a custom drive shaft.


I didn’t think the GTR drive train would fit in the car but it will…. but this places the motor so far fwd the radiator has to be mounted on the other side of the core support!!!! But does give the car AWD ;>


The rb-20 is an ok swap but only provides minimal power upgrade from a turbo l-28

The rb-25 is a bit better and can handle more power with its stock internals.


The rb-26 is the ultimate in reliability and performance…. This motor can be built to 600+ HP and be driven to work everyday with a full exhaust. (no earplugs;>)


For anyone considering this mod if you’re in Japan or Australia or have a lot of money go for it…. Anywhere else id go with v-8 or Toyota 2jz TT which is a very similar in performance to the rb26


my 2 cents .... any question ? 2thumbs.gif

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thanks alot for that stony.. really helps me,


I will be doing the custom mounts, driveshaft etc


but i still gotta save... alota cash, brakes suspension and wheels first for me..


it would be advisable for you to prolly put ur write up on a web page somewhere, so that everytime someone says "Can i put a Rb engine into my Z" you or others can just qoute ur website link and it will be all good.. I've seen many times you replying with the exact same thing everytime..


thanks a heap for that

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I wouldn't consider the 2jz-gte swap to be as easy. The engine is about the same price as the rb26, and I don't think the twin turbos fit. I could be wrong on that, but every 2jz-gte swap I've seen someone has made a custom manifold. I understand that the engine runs better with a single T4, and the HKS manifold is big $$$, but I think it is too tight. I know my 7m-gte will be tight with a single turbo.


I would love to see more engine compartment pictures of a 2jz-gte swap, and 7m-gte swap. I've got my engine hoist, and my tranny is now bolted up to my 7m-gte so I will be trial fitting it today using the toyota engine mounts I think they will bolt in with only small modifications.

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Thanks very much, stony 2thumbs.gif ! much appreciated. I will definately be looking into this as soon as I get a few other projects squared away, I need money, you know, lol. Anyone interested in a 1990 240SX w/CA18DET and Silvia JDM front end? or how bout a 1988 Mazda RX7 convertable with a perf exhaust and recently replaced motor? After I sell these, RB for the 240 flamedevil.gif !!!!! YeeeeeHaaaa!



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Nicely written , I now understand what it takes. My question is if there is anyone in australia or japan that would be willing to set a Z guy up with all the parts needed to do the swap. someone that would get the motor tranny and oilpan and motor mounts all together? And also not rip a Z guy off in the process? Just ccurious , thanks


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i would if i was there. maybe in 3 years or so. heres the thing your looking at at least 1000.00 in shipping alone. 1 cubic meter by one cubic meter is what youd need to ship everything .. which by the way is the smallest you can go. you can go smaller but they will still charge you for the cubic meter

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Guest Anonymous

I didn’t think the GTR drive train would fit in the car but it will…. but this places the motor so far fwd the radiator has to be mounted on the other side of the core support!!!! But does give the car AWD ;>


Are you kidding about that??

I saw a post done by someone with an article about a 240z with 1000hp rb26dett complete with awd!! Jeefus!

I am strongly thinking about going with this swap and just keep my 350hp l28 just in case something happens to my (hopefull) rb26dett;)

Also Motorex in california quoted me about 7500 for the engine, tranny and all bits and pieces. Dunno if they have a warranty though. Kinda steep too!!




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wow dude you could build a preety bad ass turbo v-8 for that.... if you have to have a rb shop around there are others out there for less then that. shoot for that i might do it for ya... i could fly over first class. stay for a week or 2. get you and engine tranny and mounts and ship it back and still have made some cash. Seriously... thats too much for and engine. if you have that much to blow do something like darius did. think his motor might have been a little more then that though :D


on a side note if anyone out there is willing to pay that much for this engine for there Z i might be able to motivate myself to get some imported from a couple of friends. let ne know. :D

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the rb is a very nice swap into a z, straight six twin turbo that can be very potent. but its not from a car that you see everyday, or ever. i have only seen two skylines at the street races at montague expressway(cough) loser (cough) and thats it. i like swaps like the 2jz and the 7m-gte(my buddy is doing a head gasket on one of those and that motor looks tough) and those cars are things you see on the street at any given moment. the older 7mgte can be found at the junkyard very frequently, its a motor not a lot of people jump on, which makes it affordable and easy to replace if something should happen, and its a dang good motor capable of great hp and torque for a relatively low sum, and you can buy your parts from kragen without finding a car that has equivalent parts that MAY work.


and whats the first thing you do in a car of this sort?

me, im going WOT like WHAT!!!!! what happens when you do that, you start to breakin stuff b_hand.gif

whacha gonna do when something internal goes in an rb or a 2jz? its gonna hurt. and yeah these motors can take a whole lot, yeah this motors are bulletproof, well its a machine and machines can do some funny things to you sometimes. either way its up to the preference and financial status of the potential swapper to choose which drivetrain better suits his or her needs. i would love to swap in that 7m-gte motor, it looks nice and its not a hot motor, kinda cheap, cheaper than the b16a which goes for 2500 or more, thats about how much a 7mgte costs with the trans from a import motor shop. the power potential is just sick out of that motor. me imma stick with the v8 cause im still learning about putting a powerful car together and keeping it together, once i get confident enough, we goin TURBO... malebitchslap.gif

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I'd worry less about breaking the 2JZ than I would the RBSkyline motor. Motorex can get you RB parts but they're NOT cheap over there from what I can tell. The 2JZ is more common and sure seems bulletproof - heck shortblocks from Toyota are apparently pretty reasonable too. The 7M has it's quirks but they're pretty well known and it can make a bunch of power. I don't think it makes as much as the 2JZ and not as easily but geez how much power do you really need? Certainly read up on these motors on Supraforums - good info there on these...

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hey all, i just heard back form the dudes at OkinawaImportPerformance, heres what they had to say.....


Hi this is Brian from OIM sorry for the late reply!! We been swamped!!

below are answers to your questions! Brian OIM


Hi, I was on your site and it said you sell RB's for

$3500 with the gearbox, wiring harness and computer,

correct? I am considering this motor fot an engine

swap into my first generation Datsun 240Z, I have a

few questions....


1. how much would just the engine, no wiring harness

or transmission, cost? $2800.00


2. for this swap, I need an R33 GTS-T transmission

and an RB30 sump and an RB25 oil pan, can you get

these items too? and at what cost? R33 GTS-t RB25 Trans included in the $3500.00


RB25 oil pan $360.00 RB30 sump $125.00


3. How much is shipping? I am in Fargo, ND and can

come and get it if need be.... aprox. $ 180-200.00


Had another thought on the whole bitch of a time finding parts for the RB.... What about CA18DE parts outta pulsar? I heard that these motors are jut 2/3 of a skyline motor? any thoughts? well, it looks like I am gonna go for a skyline swap, especially with these prices! can't be beat! i am sure you will be seeing a lot more of me in future months! later all!



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