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  1. This is insane! Havent seen this in a while. Im am impressed to say the very least. Nice job Ivan! You have a very serious machine there.
  2. Nice numbers. How about posting engine pics so we dont have to dig thru the forums. Love the build, love the car. Nice job!
  3. Anyone want to share? Whats everyone doing for engine management?
  4. Where are you guys getting your ECU flashed. Also where are you sending the harnesses. I no longer have a z but my 78 corolla is getting a turbo 4.8. Im tossing around the idea of a microsquirt. But for now, im exploring the idea of hp tuners. Thanks. Its been a while since ive made a post here!
  5. Its not terrible but it can definitely be pushed back a little further.
  6. Im glad you stuck with it Mike. Car is awesome. Miss the nights at Orlando Speedway.
  7. Loving the car mistafosta! I just bought a 74 roller with a 9" ladder bar setup. It was poorly done and I'm going to redo with a backhalf 4 link kit. The only downside I hear about a 4 link z is the short 4 link bars. How long are the bars and how wide is your axle? What size wheels / tires? Thanks.
  8. I have a Scarab bellhousing I may be willing to part with.
  9. Nice to see the zx get some love!
  10. May be silly Mike, but is your exhaust choking the turbo? Keep at it and keep us posted. Ill email you with my latest!
  11. Cant wait for your times Mike. Miss meeting up at OSW!
  12. So.. the rumors are true. Nice! Long time old friend!
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