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  1. Hi there BLKMGK...been a while... Had the 2JZGTE and V160 in my 71 240z, prior to going to the turbo LS...fit was great, no problem with the trans tunnel...might be some old pics floating around the archives. Happy to see Cyrus’s car is still here on Hybridz too
  2. Tim, you continue to impress Havent spent much time on here in a while, but was pleasantly surprised to run across this thread
  3. Sweet vid Nice to see you out exercising the beast
  4. Thanks Richard nicely said... Jeff, I do miss being in Fl right now..,that's for sure... I chose to go with the Megasquirt as I needed to do a new harness anyway, and the end user software is pretty impressive. It has way more features than I could ever use. It's also nice to be able to bounce data and ideas off of another user that has a similar setup (Scottie)
  5. I hear ya Clint!! I love the aesthetics and exhaust note of the 2jz, but like you said, you can have the entire j/y 5.3 motor together for the price for a set of cams in the 2JZ... If money were no object, Might be a different story...but money is an object
  6. Thanks all, I am running the latest firmware 1.4 I was recommended to go with the AMS1000, or a boost leash, but before I go out and spend more money on that, I'll explore the MS boost control. Mike
  7. I have some boost control issues... that's one of the things I have to address... With the dump closed and running full exhaust, the boost stays steady at 11psi With dump open, boost creeps until it reaches 20 psi...the boost creep is something I need to address. That's part of the reason it leaves so soft and comes on hard the second half of the track...It picked up 35 mph going from 116 mph at the 1/8 to 151 in the 1/4...
  8. Dexter - thanks, the 2JZ is an awesome platform...if only I could figure a way to have both, I would!! Daz - look forward to seeing your progress as well...as for HP numbers...mph/hp calculators put me at 785-ish rwhp based on 3100lb weight and 152 mph trap...
  9. Here's the old build thread... Car has all same peripherals, only long block has changed... http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/113756-been-holding-out-on-you-guys/?fromsearch=1
  10. After my built engine let go last year, I threatened to part the car out and go back to the 2JZ...well I decided to stay with the LS platform and give it a little more time. I scavenged what I could from my destroyed built motor (ARP studs, rockers, PAC 1519 springs, melling oil pump, and metal head gaskets). I picked up a junkyard 6.0 from an 05 Yukon that had an engine fire. I pulled the heads off to have them cleaned and valves reseated. The bottom end looked clean, so I didn't touch it. I reused the metal head gaskets and sprayed them with copper spray, installed the 317 heads with the
  11. Had similar situation in the past, and it was a dirty fuel tank...crud would get picked up into the pump and clog the fuel filter...I acted intermittent as well. regards, Mike
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