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  1. Any advices to me regarding standard versus extreme low kit? I see that the standard is listed for 1-3 inch lowering, and the extreme low for 3-5" lowering. Is this "correct"?? From this info I would be happy with standard, as I expect approx 3 inch lowering, but I see feedback that the standard kit is not low enough for some street cars. And my understanding is that the extreme low kit will as minimum lower the car 3".I would probably prefer to be in the 2-4" range , so appreciate advices about these heights, and wether they seem correct when installed on car. Thanks
  2. Hello, looking for 240z turn signal/headlight switch assembly. Thanks, regards Leif
  3. Would like to buy the gear stick/shifter from 78 5speed 280z. This should fit for my 240z 5 speed swap. Shipping to 77041, Houston,Tx Thanks! Regards Leif
  4. Hello! Since MM install kit no longer is avaiable.. I would like to buy if anyone have install parts from Modern Motorsport R230 kit to sell
  5. Is there any news about availability for custom shafts for the R230 Conversion, since Moser shafts no longer can be bought from MM?
  6. hello! i would like to buy all 4 strut housings for my coilover concersion. only need lower parts. so can be cut to make shipping cheaper/easier. would need shipping to Houston, TX. thanks, regards Leif leif@hesbynett.no
  7. That is a norwegian 240z with rb20, very nice car, will send the owner a message an ask him to put out some pictures to you...
  8. I would appreciate a copy, thanks! leif.inge.dalsbo@hesbynett.no
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