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  1. Derek.... shut up and take ALL of my money!
  2. All, Eric is a standup guy. My ring was at my door step 2 days after I paid him. Eric - Thanks for re-enforcing my belief that our members are by and by some of the best folks on the 'Net. Jay
  3. Tony, 1) Log in 2) By your username top right click the drop down 3) Click the 'manage ignore prefs' I wish I knew an easier way. Jay
  4. Crimson, Email sent to your comcast address. Jay
  5. Datsun Z Garage T-5 rebuild Didn't say what transmission, but the link above was pretty good. Jay
  6. Alan, Could you please share what the differences between the S-30 and 510 mirrors are? I bought a set of what I may have incorrectly assumed were S-30 mirrors. Mine are part numbers 96301-E4100 and 96302-E4100. Thanks, Jay
  7. BJ, I have been saving this link for years: Turbo Bricks LT-1 Smog pump I can't vouch for the info, but some of the guys seemed to really like the solution. Jay
  8. Generally called a strut over here. Jay
  9. Howdy, I have a set from my '83 Turbo ZX parts car. Glass and rubber is in great condition. $60 shipped with PayPal. Jay
  10. Dexter, I have a set from my 83 Turbo ZX parts car. Send me a PM - I'll make you a sweet heart deal on them. Jay
  11. I'm up on 48- near the oakwood shops/dorothy lane. My car is pretty much stripped right now as well, my floors are pretty solid for the most part, couple touch ups, the wiring is another story, previous owner did a real hack job to the harness. :/

  12. Hey,

    Z's are pretty rare in the Dayton Area, only know of 1 other 240 and a 280zx turbo.

    I'm close to the center of town (Grater's City BBQ). Where are you?

    My 240z is stripped down to the bare chassis, waiting on new floor pans.


  13. Hey there! I'm from Kettering/Centerville area as well, and just got my first z, know of any z meetups or anything? Hope to see ya around sometime.

  14. Howdy, I am looking for the front cross member (including steering rack clamps) for a '72 240z. I prefer PayPal. Thanks, Jay
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