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  1. lol i think diesel oil is the best oil you can put in your z zddp
  2. So I have been searching and I am finding loots of good info about the rb25de but there are many things I cant find has any one had any look with non after market headers for the rb25de in the 240z ? how rev happy is the rb25de (whats the max rpm stock) and what kind of rpm can you build for ? with the vvt on the rb25de how does that work with get bigger cams ? and with a biger cam can you keep the vvt and any info any one wants to share there is not a lot of talk about the rb25de and if any one knows any thing share please !
  3. delete this please
  4. read about the turbo swap under the faq or search
  5. ya i really want to us the l20a crank but do to the fact i can get l24 stuff much faster i think i'm going with it
  6. I will be using custom pistons any way so thats ok
  7. if i us the l24 crank and rods in a l28et 83 can I still us the cam or will i need a custom cam made ?
  8. Clifton with your l28et what kind of tire and gearing are you running
  9. So if you know a 225/50/16 sized tire on a 7" wide wheel is all the tire you will Use what do you all think the most realistic Max horsepower goal should be? used for autox time attack street driving
  10. no not doing a swap i need the conrods the 145mm bits
  11. well I'm only going for 300 350 hp rang but i'm wanting usable power say past 8000 rpms. i really want to build a crazily over square engine, i just rather have a 3.5l Ferrari f355 engine then a stroked and built Chevy small block.
  12. ok so this is what i have so a l28 block overbore 1mm p90 head 1mm gasket l20a crank so a 69.7 stroke ok and so I think, I need to gets some rods made 140mm long and some flat tops with a pin hight of 32.97 and with ozdat math this gives me Displacement:2.486 litres Deck Clearance:0.030 mm Rod/Stroke Ratio:2.009 Bore/Stroke Ratio:0.801 Static Compression Ratio:7.591 this is going to be a turbo car so any help would be cool is a deck clearance of 0.030mm ok ? and any thing any one can tell me
  13. thanks tony d i really want to do this now so whuld you us the t3/t4 turbo or some other turbo. and what can you tell me about the z harmonics problem at 7500rpms or is that only with the l24 l28s
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