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  1. Long shot but you never know what is in the junkyards out there in cali. (You guys get the good stuff ) I need a driver side rear quarter panel rust not a big issue aslong as it is saveable. I also need the driver side tail light. I just picked this car up it is SOLID runs and drives but was wrecked in the early 80's and never fixed
  2. The harness that I am in desperate need of has the fusible link box on it located near the battery. I fixed my harness/did another hack job It runs and everything works now but I would still like a virgin harness
  3. Yes his is for a 280z not a zx I need one from a ZX
  4. Still in need. Unless there is somewhere I can buy a new one I haven't found
  5. Check your connections in the fusible link box located near the battery. Another thing to check is a broken/pinched wires under the dash as it is easy to do if you are rushing to put it all back together I am fighting wiring in my car and the fusible link box was a mess in my car and I had no dash power as you stated. I replaced the whole box and magically I got power...
  6. I am sick of chasing electrical gremlins on my current project. What the previous owner was thinking I have NO CLUE! What I am looking for is a COMPLETE NON CUT/SPLICED/FIXED what ever body harness. Like I said I am sick of wiring. I would really like for my 280zx to take up as daily driver as the suburban and the V8 dodge dakota is starting to hurt the pocket book I only need the body harness for the front. The harness inside the passenger compartment is fine. It is a 1981 if that matters but I am 99.99% sure that it doesn't I am located in Louisville KY 40222
  7. I love how this is in the related videos There is more fail here than I can count
  8. There is more win here than I can count
  9. I can get one pm me if your still looking. The farthest north I travel daily is scottsburg I will be going to indy in a couple weeks. I can also ship if you would like
  10. I know a friend of mine has some of those wheels laying around. I will see how much he wants for one.
  11. I to am interested in one if he decides not to buy it I may
  12. Shipping shouldn't be that much. I shipped a set of volvo wheels from louisville KY to somewhere in Oregon with tires and it was 40 it was like 25 without tires per wheel
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