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  1. Long shot but you never know what is in the junkyards out there in cali. (You guys get the good stuff ) I need a driver side rear quarter panel rust not a big issue aslong as it is saveable. I also need the driver side tail light. I just picked this car up it is SOLID runs and drives but was wrecked in the early 80's and never fixed
  2. The harness that I am in desperate need of has the fusible link box on it located near the battery. I fixed my harness/did another hack job It runs and everything works now but I would still like a virgin harness
  3. Yes his is for a 280z not a zx I need one from a ZX
  4. Still in need. Unless there is somewhere I can buy a new one I haven't found
  5. Check your connections in the fusible link box located near the battery. Another thing to check is a broken/pinched wires under the dash as it is easy to do if you are rushing to put it all back together I am fighting wiring in my car and the fusible link box was a mess in my car and I had no dash power as you stated. I replaced the whole box and magically I got power...
  6. I am sick of chasing electrical gremlins on my current project. What the previous owner was thinking I have NO CLUE! What I am looking for is a COMPLETE NON CUT/SPLICED/FIXED what ever body harness. Like I said I am sick of wiring. I would really like for my 280zx to take up as daily driver as the suburban and the V8 dodge dakota is starting to hurt the pocket book I only need the body harness for the front. The harness inside the passenger compartment is fine. It is a 1981 if that matters but I am 99.99% sure that it doesn't I am located in Louisville KY 40222
  7. I love how this is in the related videos There is more fail here than I can count
  8. There is more win here than I can count
  9. I can get one pm me if your still looking. The farthest north I travel daily is scottsburg I will be going to indy in a couple weeks. I can also ship if you would like
  10. I know a friend of mine has some of those wheels laying around. I will see how much he wants for one.
  11. I to am interested in one if he decides not to buy it I may
  12. Shipping shouldn't be that much. I shipped a set of volvo wheels from louisville KY to somewhere in Oregon with tires and it was 40 it was like 25 without tires per wheel
  13. The individual parts no I dont know. But you can do what I did. I dont have pics right now. I took the small 90 degree brackets from a erector-set (yes early 90's awesome toy!) and clear silicone RTV to make the rubber "gasket". I was very happy with the way mine turned out.
  14. I have it on a parts car let me see if I can get it off in one piece
  15. I have the pully and door cover
  16. I have one if you dont go with Richard
  17. dang I just scraped one that was good because I needed the space. I do have another however. It is in a non running parts car missing the dizzy. Let me know if you would be interested in it. Looks like a good motor from visual inspection
  18. Man wish I saw this I just got rid of about 4 sets to scrap. If I knew I would of just given them to you for the cost of shipping. 5bucks
  19. I have one car that meets my requirements. It is a 1981 280zx. I have 376 in it runs drives with new clutch but, I bought it with the intent to restore but now I have a wild hair to do this chump car. I dont want to use my ZX because it is in to good of shape to bang around the track. Respect for the car. Me and my friends that are going in on this venture have agreed that any RWD volvo FWD E series honda toyota paseo would be Ideal for gas, availability of parts and handling. But we are open for anything at this point.
  20. I am looking for a car locally. I am in Louisville KY. (Or within reason) It can be any kind of car. Not just a Z or ZX. But my requirements are it MUST RUN AND DRIVE AND BE 500 OR LESS!I will buy a non running car for the right price. Meaning no more than 150. I prefer a stick but auto will do. Volvo would be ideal! NO TITLE REQUIRED! Why am I looking for a runner for 500? Your thinking is this guy crazy? Well I guess I am, But I am trying to find a car that I can enter in "CHUMP CAR" a variation of the "Lemons". Please PM me with any and all offers! Cheaper the better! Donations welcom
  21. I have the bracket PM me if your still looking
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