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  1. ebay gt35 update us sounds interesteing should give a quick spool something to getup and go on a light Z
  2. 2+2 was offered from 74-78 but very limited compared to the 2 seaters as far as finding parts good luck and when u do come up on a parts car or one in the wrecking yard buy if not the doors the windows would be what u really want for the long run both vent window and driver/pass window. good luck 2+2 models are the ones you grow to like compared to the 2 seaters.
  3. take a closer look at the photo there is no oil pan. they must be test fitting. cxracing should use rear sump because the cross member is more up front it just wont work with a front sump.
  4. ive read through some thread some saying no and some saying yes on using a 240sx tps from an AT because they r 2 pin just like the 280zxt and the 240sx tps from MT is 3 pin. my question is im doing a l28et swap into my 260z and a buddy told me to switch out my turbo intake manifold for a non webbed and using a 240sx tb&tps using throttle cable instead which i did so i ended up selling my turbo intake manifold along with TB and TPS so am i in a hole now? or will the 240sx AT tps work just fine? please help me
  5. does anybody know if a 280zx na tps fit on a turbo model. i have tried looking through threads and found a thread where a guy said it would this is what was posted on zdriver "The n/a TPS has 3 contacts: idle, off idle, full throttle (cuts a/c compressor). The turbo TPS has 2 contacts: idle, off idle. So, you can use the n/a TPS on the turbo, but not the turbo on the n/a. " nismopick now are thee any mods needed for the wiring or does it just plug right in thats my question thanks
  6. i have it hooked up the existing 260z fuel pump relay where its a switched 12v and it only gives a light click so its not even pulling any fuel from the fuelcell to the lines to the rail.
  7. awasome thanks... would like to see some colors though lol
  8. what pages are these that you talk about from ???? would really like to know.....would be appreciated
  9. ive already tried kinda tapping it and still just a light click when power is on and i kinda warmed up a bit when iremoved it and directed it straight to power and ground though battery
  10. im in need of help with some wiring. so this guy that i bought my l28et from with complete harness said everything was ligit. well i guess not cus he tried to switch out the crank position plugs out for a slightly better looking plug and failed. i believe he got the wire mixed up by not doing it one at a time cus im not getting any spark and on top of that the wires are burning. the wires are burning because i have power coming for 1 out of the 4 wires and i think its going to a ground wire on the other end. i i can get any help with photos of the 2 ends and plugs i would really appreciated thanks. this plugs from the distributer has red/black/white/green wire this is from the harness to the distributer
  11. hey guys this is my first post. anyways im in the process of getting my l28et swap to start going but notice that my fuel pump is not working. when my ignition comes on all i hear is a click from the fuel pump and thats about it. i mean its not even a loud click you wouldnt even hear it if not right under the pump. i tried to directing it straight to ground and power and it turned on for like 3sec then died off. after that it only clicks on direct power as well only. any help would really help thanks.
  12. 90% finished with mine and from reading alot about this swap.... forsure youll stand againts the rx7 of course with some basic mod on the l28et
  13. boy thats a whole lot of power for a Z... nice build now im secound guessing on goin 2jz nat on mine, it wont be to hard to change my mind now jus started gathering parts...
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