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  1. Yes will work, the only thing you have to do is change all connector plugs and clean it. megasquirt is very sensitive to electrical noise.
  2. If your zx is non turbo you could get nissan sentra E16 engine 4 cylinders distributor with DIYautotune 54mm 24-1-1 disc, and fits on your zx, easy.
  3. Seems everything is ok in your msq file
  4. Last week i called to dinosaur parts, and told me, this pistons are no longer available.
  5. Forged, yes are common 4 set, bore size 85, 85.5, 86, and 86.5, in the near future i gonna over bore L24 block to fit 85mm pistons
  6. I was thinking on new setup for my Z, this could be 4G63 1G +40 pistons on L24 rods+L28 crank, CR is about 7.2 with P90 head, pin diameter is 21mm float, and pin height 35mm What you think guys?
  7. If you locked your dizzy advanced, is not enough, the ignition box has timing curve itself, your engine must will have detonation problems, i was in the same problem with my car, for me was a little bit easy, because with megasquirt i fix it with the ignition table. The heat is the number one enemy of turbo engines, the best thing you can do, is buy an intercooler.
  8. Hi, i got a LT1 engine from 95 OBD2 camaro and, i would know, how can i remove the speed limiter, what kind of hardware and software i would need. Thanks!
  9. grounding the negative ignition coil wire, is very effective, and you can do it with a simple switch, if you don't have any MSD system, this works only for a single coil.
  10. Yesterday i did one of this adapters for a friend of mine, if somebody with CNC did you the flange, is easy to do with a weld machine.
  11. Shipping would be to El Paso TX. thanks!
  12. Yes, my friends, i am looking for a 1st generation 510 left front fender.
  13. Thanks, i think is a good number for break transmissions and R200 non LSD XD
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