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  1. rehctub

    new tachometer

    Thanks for the replies the links will be a great help. jcb
  2. I know I have seen a thread on replaceing the stock tach with an aftermarket tach that would not require any or moderate engineering to fit it in but cannot as yet find it[ the thread) Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. John
  3. rehctub

    Arizona Z-Car aluminum radiator - Free

    Will it hold water?. If you will check freight and figure out how much money you need to package it I am needing it. My zip is 779124 Thanks, John
  4. Do you still have the front fenders and will you ship them? I also need the hood release cable and housing. thanks JB
  5. rehctub

    1977 280Z *PART OUT*

    Hi eric, I am in need of the hood release cable and housing. Thanks JB
  6. One more souce : www.datsunlandsocal.com I have not ordered yet so I cannot say anything about quality.
  7. rehctub

    78/280z door panel

    Need drivers side interior door panel. Perfer black but will consider all that are in good shape. Thanks, JB
  8. I also had a loud pop when you opened the driver side door. My was caused by the small roller that contacts the arm that holds the door open. I had to have a friend machine one for me as I could only find the correct size in brass. I used that for awhile but it wore a flat spot on it just like the original had done. Hope that helps. John
  9. rehctub

    Looking for 240z airdams

    I have an air dam that I took off of a 1978 280z. Not positive but I think it will fit your 240. Do you have the front valance from your car? I want to replace this air dam with original sheet metal. I'll send pictures if you are interested. Might make a trade.
  10. rehctub

    Front valance 78 280z.

    Would like to buy front sheet metal(not sure if called valance)that goes under the front bumper. I need all of the sheet metal as PO replaced with air dam. Thanks for any replies. JB
  11. You might check the roller on the hinge. Mine has a flat spot on it and pops when I open the door. Have not found a replacement roller. If anyone has a part number or place to buy one please respond. JB
  12. rehctub

    Cheap parts and Free f54 block in Austin, tx

    If rolling parts does not take the seats please let me know. John Butcher johnbutchersr@suddenlink.net