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  1. Thanks for the replies the links will be a great help. jcb
  2. I know I have seen a thread on replaceing the stock tach with an aftermarket tach that would not require any or moderate engineering to fit it in but cannot as yet find it[ the thread) Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. John
  3. One more souce : www.datsunlandsocal.com I have not ordered yet so I cannot say anything about quality.
  4. Need drivers side interior door panel. Perfer black but will consider all that are in good shape. Thanks, JB
  5. I also had a loud pop when you opened the driver side door. My was caused by the small roller that contacts the arm that holds the door open. I had to have a friend machine one for me as I could only find the correct size in brass. I used that for awhile but it wore a flat spot on it just like the original had done. Hope that helps. John
  6. I have an air dam that I took off of a 1978 280z. Not positive but I think it will fit your 240. Do you have the front valance from your car? I want to replace this air dam with original sheet metal. I'll send pictures if you are interested. Might make a trade.
  7. Would like to buy front sheet metal(not sure if called valance)that goes under the front bumper. I need all of the sheet metal as PO replaced with air dam. Thanks for any replies. JB
  8. You might check the roller on the hinge. Mine has a flat spot on it and pops when I open the door. Have not found a replacement roller. If anyone has a part number or place to buy one please respond. JB
  9. I am needing the driver side,rear,brake backing plate for a 78/280z. Need this to get back on the road. Thanks, John Butcher johnbutchersr@suddenlink.net
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