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  1. quick update. Havent been working on the car in a loooong while. New job. Moved to North Carolina. Car still sitting in Maryland until early June.
  2. moved to NC. My ride is still in MD, but hopefully I can get it down here soon

  3. I've been bojangling big time, but I've finally got a new fuel rail, Siemen Deka 850cc high-impedance injectors and I finally got around to fabricating a trans mount. IMO, it looks a bit weak, but I guess I can always make a stronger one later. I've wired up the headlights, tail lights, front and rear turn signals. Im going to be working on the floorpans and finishing the ignition wiring. It will buy me some time to save up some money for a driveshaft and gauges.
  4. Im no collision repair specialist by any means, but I would probably just cut the frame rail out and replace it. Its not as difficult or as expensive at trying to straighten it.
  5. Shnipplelicken

    1973 240z

    l28 from an '82 280z, p90a head, turbo tom's kit.
  6. Shnipplelicken

    240z 002.jpg

    From the album: 1973 240z

    Techno Toy Tuning rear lower control arms
  7. techno toy tuning front lower control arms and tension rods.
  8. wiring headlights, turn sighals, tail lights, ignition

  9. started wiring in the Painless fuse box, installed a pointless Bomz spoiler, and installed the intercooler. More pics coming tomorrow probably.
  10. I had to modify the engine crossmember to make up for the width difference between the old/stock frame rails and the new frame rails
  11. slowly getting there. Just painted it to keep the morning dew from rusting my masterpiece lol.
  12. I almost have a frame rail. Just a few more hours during the week and begin welding next weekend.
  13. Just a little heads up; I have Techno Toy Tuning front lower control arms with new ball joints, the TTT tension rods, steering rack boots, and tie rods on the way. Pics coming as soon as I get them installed.
  14. Well, between being up in the mountains with the new girlfriend for a week, school, work, and the tempurature bouncing around 95 degrees, I havent been to motivated to do anything lately. But, I finally got back into the groove. So, here's what I've done in that last two days.
  15. got the crossmember, but it going to have to wait until Im finished ripping out and replacing the swiss cheese frame rail.
  16. I wanted the 9.5 on all corners because I wanted that fat offset in the front, like JustinOlson's 280z project http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php?/topic/55421-justins-77-280z/page__st__40 With the 8.5's on the rear of my car, I have about a 3/4 inch space from the rear shock.
  17. heck no I didnt. I towed it home. I've only made two laps around the yard after I managed to get the l28 running. Theres no way I'd leave it like that with the 2jzgte. I didnt get this old by being stupid lol
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