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  1. ninja240z

    startin my 350 swap!

    Good Luck! JTR has a few parts including motor mounts for the ZX model.
  2. ninja240z

    Chevy 307 swap?

    This engine stock for stock will still perform better than a stock L28. Its all about seat of the pants tire smoking torque. Add a 600 cfm edelbrock carb with a performer intake,set of headers and a power shot NOS and laugh at the skeptics. I found this video with a 307 in a truck almost double the weight of a 280Z.
  3. ninja240z

    Anyone Live in Texas??

    Del Rio Texas 150 miles west of SA
  4. ninja240z

    Cheepest / Best way to fit a KA into 78 280z

    Welcome to HZ! I have seen alot of conversions done with L shape brackets coming off the frame rails. I just happen to have an old set of 91 cams. I do have a word of advise. The 280Z might be too heavy for that engine. Most guys put these engines in a lightweight 240z's body.
  5. Hello there! I use to live in Ft Walton years ago. If your car is a stick get someone to push you a little and pop the clutch with the ignition in the on position. If the starter or selenoid is screwed this should start it. If it is an automatic take out the spark plugs and take a socket wrench and turn the crank shaft clockwise and if it moves it probably isn't locked up. http://www.myspace.com/ninja240zx
  6. ninja240z

    I could have had a V8!

  7. ninja240z

    I could have had a V8!

    Pantera style hatch with working lock,fiberglass rear bumper skyline tail lights center mags
  8. ninja240z

    I could have had a V8!

    hood scoop fiberglass front bumper BRE style front spoiler
  9. ninja240z

    I could have had a V8!

    hood scoop headlight covers nissan mirrors flares
  10. ninja240z

    I could of had a V8!

    flares centerline mags fiberglass bumpers
  11. ninja240z

    I could of had a V8!

    fiberglass bumpers centerline mags nitrous oxide pantera hatch with working lock.
  12. I had this in my favorites for a while I hope this will help out anybody a group. There are even 4bbl carb conversions and bellhousing adapters. http://www.chrfab.com/
  13. ninja240z

    4-barrel intake: THE FACTS

    Dave is on target. I have used them all. SU's, 4bbl and 2bbl. All have there unique qualities. But you just can't use POS carbs and expect them to perform. Start out with fresh parts and you will get good results. I love my downdraft setups. I have a JDM downdraft manifold for a factory 2bbl,also a clifford research and Arizona Z brand manifolds. In the past Chevy and Ford and Chryler has used a 1 bbl downdraft carb in the past with good results on their straight six engines. A good seal and a low CFM carb is the ticket be it a side draft or down draft setup. Too much CFM for a 2400cc to 2800cc will actually lower horsepower according to bench dyno's.
  14. ninja240z

    24 Valve DOHC head almost done!

    Good job and proceed to the next step. Hey where are your investors and sponsers? I guess that would be us. Hey guys, what are willing to pay for this head if he decides to market it?