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  1. I haven’t actually measured anything aside from jacking up the control arm and making sure the strut didn’t hit the stops right away. I just say that because I’ve never felt any harsh change in the suspension movement. The roads around me in NC are pretty good thankfully. I’ve got KYB shocks and I think that 2+2 Eibachs are actually a little stronger.
  2. I’ll try! I would love to hit a real track. The goal would be to take a jump, hit the bump stops, and crack the oil pan
  3. Are they really? I have them in a 280Z but I don't think I've ever had the suspension compress enough to hit them. Just curios, what do you have to do to hit a bump stop on one of these cars? I've got Eibach lowering springs but its been a very smooth ride.
  4. Had low oil pressure recently. The engine was just sitting at around 20 PSI at idle and would only get up to about 40 PSI at WOT. Thought it might just be a result of of 100K+ mile engine, but changed the oil recently and found the side plug in the oil pan (plug for some sensor we don't use that was originally in the F-bodies) was not even finger tight. Little loctite action and we're back to 40-60 PSI. Also, developed some rear end clunk when shifting. Going to try and find an extra set of axles/diff to rebuild on the side and throw in eventually. The axles in there right now haven't been touched since 1977 so nothing unexpected here. I feel like a sorted OEM diff and axles are perfect for your common 300hp 2+2 LS swapped 280Z so no need to upgrade to something more modern. Does that sound right?
  5. Not down for long! Also, got some new mirrors👍
  6. My Dad was driving the car on the highway and hit a big chuck of tire retread. Now it just looks like it’s been track driven really hard lol. Thankfully we have some left over paint should be able to fix her right up. It’s been driven about 1200 miles since completion. Gas mileage hasn’t been great but that’s just driving style 🤘
  7. The Z is still running great. After the tune, it pulls much smoother which makes a huge difference in terms of acceleration. Had a couple issues with the lug nuts loosening especially in the front because the front studs are short relative to the rear ones. We run a 1/4 inch spacer so that makes things worse. Today I put in extended lugs all the way around to fix this issue. the rear lugs were easy because we got rid of the drums. I used a press with equal height sockets to press in the front studs. should make the car a little less sketchy
  8. I followed @grannyknotsuggestion. Spent $10 on a canister from a Miata at a junkyard. It makes a huge difference with the fumes!
  9. Yeah I think it’s such a common problem because people don’t realize how easy it is to misplace the weights and they don’t check their work. I work at a GM plant where they mount their own tires and even though they have the wheels/tires balanced with a robot they still double check each wheel to make sure all is good. I'm sure you will figure it out!
  10. I had a shimmy problem like you’re talking about real recently. Didn’t think it was the wheels because they were balance not too long ago but had them redone just in case. This didn’t fix the problem so we went over everything checking for wear and didn’t find anything. Took the wheels to a different place and explained the issue and after they balanced the wheels/tires the problem went away. I guess some shops just don’t know what they’re doing. Also, the car has the exact same wheels as yours which I thought was interesting.
  11. Yes! Got lucky and found a complete seat with the frame and everything on EBay.
  12. Got the Z tuned today! Made 295 hp and 340 ft/lbs torque at the wheels on 87 octane. The tuner thinks he can get to about 350 hp on 93. edit: makes 305 on 93 - I guess the tuner overestimated his abilities Still, 305 at the wheels is plenty fun!
  13. We pretty much had to go vintage air because the original system was in very poor shape. The car had been sitting for 15-25 years I’m guessing, so it would have been a lot more work to bring the original system back from the dead. Also vintage air is a lot more DIY friendly if you aren’t familiar with A/C concepts. Hope that helps.
  14. This is all I have. Hope it helps. The kit is pretty easy to install and it works well with the Vintage Air Gen II compact system. Other people on here probably have better pics but thought I would try to help out.
  15. For anyone who might be interested, new O2 sensors fixed the random misfire issue. I think they went bad because of a completely blocked PCV system due to a kinked line (at least I hope there isn’t another issue). Edit: the issue reappeared within another 25 miles. Found two spark plug wires melted through - replaced with ceramic low clearance wires and now no misfire.
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