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  1. I would also be willing to talk shipping! This is the last big piece I need to finish my 280z. Thanks!
  2. I'm looking for the rear seat, specifically the frame, from a 280z 2+2. If anyone has rear seat parts near North Carolina even if they are in rough shape I would be interested! Probably a long shot, but I wanted to see if anyone has a rear seat before I tried to fit one out of a 300zx into a 280z. Thanks for the help!
  3. After a cut and buff... really changed the look for the better. It looks much less like primer!I’m happy with it for our first time doing a paint job and body work.
  4. How did you get an output on an oscilloscope? Do you supply power and the voltage oscillates to pulse the axle breaks? Maybe that’s a stupid question but I’m an electrical engineering student and this stuff is interesting!
  5. Yeah I agree, it definitely needs something. Looks kinda like kia which I can't have Gonna go black hood vents, grille, bumpers, badges, mirrors, and maybe tint.
  6. Thoughts on Mopar destroyer grey Datsun . . .
  7. Are the rear wheels off the ground and the parking break released?.
  8. Just painted the car Dodge Destroyer Grey. Took many many hours (75+) and still haven't even cut and buffed it. Now working on the wipers. The arms under the cowl panel were completely rusted frozen and I broke one of the swivel platforms trying to press out one of the spindles. Also, the wiring is a nightmare . . .thought I had it working but now it doesn't. None of the grounds that trigger high and low speeds are connecting and I already loomed the wiring in the cab. I'm sure i'll figure it out eventually but I would much rather wire another whole engine swap or paint it again than figure out these rusted wipers. Fun stuff . . . I want to be done and just drive the thing
  9. This is awesome! Great to see someone take it all the way. The results can be amazing when you're willing to learn.
  10. Car is at the exhaust shop right now. New wheels (Rota RB 16x8 +4 with 4 mm spacer), Achilles tires (ATR sport 2's), Rolled Fenders, Vintage Air A/C + heat, Electrical system finished, New steering wheel, Next up paint! I'll probably post details at some point... but here's a video abut how it's running. Apparently, the exhaust shop couldn't have the car parked outside because to many people kept stopping by asking about it and they couldn't get any work done
  11. I would start by checking the fuses. The only reason I can think of for circuits going out like that is a loose connection or a loose +12V wire causing a short which would blow a fuse. If you still have the glass type fuses they are super easy to check with a multimeter. Good luck
  12. Finally, to finish off the update here's the throttle cable and exhaust. To use the original Datsun pedal I fabricated a bracket to house a lokar universal throttle cable. I used a piece from the original throttle arm to get the correct firewall bolt pattern: Installed with cable shortened to correct length. I just drilled out this rotating arm: For exhaust headers we used JCI's new 1 3/4" headers which fit great! We were apparently the first customers to get this new design. One of the center spark plug wires is difficult to install on each side but still manageable. The engine sounds great and seems healthy! the next steps are to install the A/C system and finish up wiring. Then we can get the interior in and focus on paint and body work.
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