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  1. When’s the next update? This is one of my favorite threads on Hybridz!
  2. It totally depends... i just looked at a wiring diagram and kept everything I needed that wasan’t a part of the new engine harness. Think main power circuits, lights, dash gauge things, wipers, etc. Also, think about upgrading fuse links if you haven’t yet. Let me know if you have any questions.
  3. That’s awesome powdercoating results! How much $’s would you say you have in the total setup?
  4. Alright, I want to close out this build thread and I got some pics this morning so here goes. Going on 6K miles and the car is still fun! It spins 1st and 2nd easily and goes around corners effortlessly. Overall it was a great project . . . thanks for the help! Also to anyone reading this in the future and thinking about attempting a similar project, don't think you have to know the right people or know a lot about cars to start. You can learn as you go and take it system by system and still complete the project within a reasonable timeline. Most advanced thing I'd done before this project was
  5. Yeah it definitely appears that there was a short somewhere but if you have all the correct fuses it should have prevented the wire from melting. I would first double check the fusible links like you said (and maybe the main fuse panel inside) and then try and find the short using a multimeter in continuity mode. I’ve had problems with the original plastic wiring connectors falling apart which can lead to a short.
  6. Yikes! I’m curious to see if you can figure out what caused that. Is the wiring all original? The fuses are not bypassed right? I’ve found the colored wiring diagrams you can find online are really helpful for working with Z car wiring and identifying specific circuits.
  7. Nice! You’re making great progress. Bold move putting the engine in before wrapping the engine bay wiring ; ) what headers are those?
  8. Got it 👍 I wish I could take better night pics...
  9. Got tired of the door seals making terrible door gaps... gunna leave it like this for a while and see if that helps
  10. Been doing lots of little stuff to the car recently so I thought I would give an update. The clunk I thought was in the rear end was just loose driveshaft bolts. I don’t know if I ever mentioned this in this thread but I built this car with my dad mainly during high school and then finished it over breaks during college. When we had it driving I was away at college and then an engineering internship so I never actually drove it. So over Christmas break I’ve been learning to drive stick on this thing and it has been a lot of fun! It’s especially fun racing civics, mustangs, and maximas ; )
  11. Ok I gotta ask... what’s your day job to have a 150k budget???
  12. General rule is thumb: if you can’t find it on engineswapdepot.com than it’s either really creative or stupid hard. Also @Neverdone that’s depressing why would anyone get into cars ever only thing similar I could find: https://engineswapdepot.com/?p=53173
  13. I used the vintage air defrost vents and just made some simple metal brackets to mount them up. It doesn’t really line up with the metal piece that goes at the back of the dash so just drilled a bunch of holes. If you don’t care to retain the stock look it doesn’t look half bad.
  14. Ok correct me if I’m wrong but you are going to be installing the JCI sender down by the oil filter right? If that’s the case can you just leave the stock oil pressure sensor and then wire the JCI one to the gauge. That way the ECU will still know the oil pressure. I got rid of the original oil pressure sensor and installed an auto meter one in its place. Then I just had to have my ecu programmer “disable” that function.
  15. Why don’t you want to drift it? That thing would look cool sideways
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