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  1. I have a 1976 280Z coupe, with a busted driver side window. The door has a lot of problems too: bad lock, broken door handle, and rusty. I live in the Fort Worth area, so If I can find someone local, would prefer that before looking into getting something that bulky shipped. I will also settle for just the door glass, if I can't locate a door. Thanks, Michael
  2. It has been a while, is there any update to this? I got a spare door lock and want to experiment rebuilding it before I tackle the ones installed in the car.
  3. I have to say that sounds AMAZING! Excellent job madkaw. Have you had the chance to take it on the freeway yet? Is there a drone with your set up?
  4. Going to have to get a few of those. So many memories coming back, I use to have a bunch of the penny racer/ Turbo Tricksters when I was a little boy. Also was a big fan of the Gadget Racer game that had these cars in them. Thanks for sharing this by the way. Checked eBay and nabbed me one.
  5. hmmm, I got a decent return this year, so I'll be refreshing the 34 year old suspension: struts, springs, poly bushings, ball joints, tie rods, and a set of Potenza RE-11s. The rest will be finishing up some other small projects on the Z.
  6. I removed mine in my '76 when I put my fresh rebuilt motor in during the summer. Then winter came along we got about 7 inches of snow in the part of north Texas I live in (They say it's the most in the area in over 30 years). I daily drive my Z, so sitting out in an ice cold car with my foot on the pedal waiting for it to warm up enough to not die was no fun. Even though it is above freezing 85% of the year. I will be putting mine back in pretty soon. That way on those unexpected cold days I can start up my car and run back inside until the z is warmed up. Just my 2 cents. You l
  7. I know I am reviving an old post, but I'm am curious in the time this post went idle if anyone else has had success in a power window conversion?
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