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  1. My car is prepped mostly I did it myself, and I was going to try to do all of it my self, but being disabled and not having a real garage to work on it, I have pretty much ran out of steam, and ran out of options to continue working on it, so its more than likely going to need more prep from the shop, but I'd like to get everything off and get the whole frame sprayed. But I am having a real hard time finding anyone out here that will take someone that's already been started, or that I'd even consider, one not job shop[ told me they'd do it but their starting bid was 80k because it would be a restoration and that is there starting price for resto work on foreign exotics. I've got all the Seals to button her back up, and I have some ZG Flares that need to go on also, so does anyone have any one they trust/recommend?
  2. Was going to use DOM 1.50 x .120, does anyone have blueprints on measurements, or a rough idea of how much of how much steel I am going to need to do this? Car is a 72 240z.
  3. I am not even sure it can be done, I've google around and can't really find, any info, but with the Z making ~350rwhp it gets scary at times, so I am looking into ways to put in even limited TC on the car, my first thought would be something with revs, and fuel pressure, but I can't really find anything. Can it be done? I remember years ago, my old mechanic told me there was something they used on circle track\restrict. plate racing, that was done "in the spirit" of the rules that allowed them some decent controls, but I do not what it was/
  4. I live near Parsiappny NJ, and I'm looking for a body shop to finish my project Z. I've been to two local ones, and I didnt get a good vibe off them, so I am not going to be using them. I'm willing to Trailer to the Z 6 hours in any direction to get a good shop, this car is 46 years old and I want it to last another 50 years.
  5. As someone that own a v10 (not in my s30) Nothing is sexier then the sound of a v10. But even if its a "common" the cool tax on v10s is high. I had to pay out of pocket almost 7k to replace one turbo and an exhaust header.
  6. Oh, wow that's terrible, John was an Amazing man. Do you have contact info for Benchmark?
  7. So years ago (maybe 15) Beta Motor Sports made me a one of a kind, Carbon Fiber Nomex core hood, with full frame, with no Gel coat, Sadly someone backed up into it and has crack it. At the time John told me it was the first and only he had done like that, so I am a bit worried that replacing it might be impossible. I've been trying to track down John but I am not able to get a hold of him at all. I mean he did my whole car, suspension, engine and trans, he knows that car better than anyone, and I'd really like to get his opinion if the hood is savable, or If i need to order a new one. I also Need to look at getting my Zodiac rims refreshed. Can anyone help me get in contact with Beta Motor Sports?
  8. I got a stack of old Japanese Car Mags from my bother for Christmas and I was reading them, and found a picture of a Blue S30 with a Rating of 600Ps, How can i read this in HP? Top Speed was Rated at 300km/h. From the Pictures I know its a L28 TT set up with FI, so I can assume its more then the stock 160~ My best guess is around 500 horse? can that be?
  9. Wrong... The Midget Sprints out at Irwindale have Electric Starters as far as i know, (seeing as they spin out and drive them self back to the track.)
  10. To skip story read Bolds. So this summer i was laid off, and well I start going to tons auto swapmeets and the like, and i came across, a young man that was in the Military, he was selling a Faded Orange Datsun he called a Scarab Z, (I doubted it was a real Scarab Z) but it was a well put together, even if it was not a Scarab I would of been a fool to pass it up, I knew that after 35 years finding a real Scarab was a joke, or a dream (Can you ever be the guy who finds the barn kept Shelby or some such phantom car) but I missed the feel of having a sports car, the 240 always reminded me of my P1800 that I had once upon a time so I bought it. Assuming full well Its probabily not a real Scarab. Long story short, there is no way to verify that i own a real Scarab? (I had talked with Brian Morrow 30 years ago about buying his Super Scarab but at the time 32k was just too much even for a super car) After talking to the Kid that sold me his Scarab again, he told me, If i was a Z Collector that he had something for me that I would, "love", he told me it was a Bob Sharp Racing Car from mid 72, I didn't really believe my luck, so i Drove out to Ventura to the middle of no where up in the hills, and to my Shock I found the shell of a magical Car, with a Vin that baffles me, I need help understanding what this Second car was/is VIN is PS-3000147. I hope to post pictures soon, but let me describe this shell I have its Clearly a Right Hand drive car, it has fiberglass in a few spots in fact there is a pretty banged up sheet that seems to be molded to fit on the bottom covering most of the under carriage (some kind of diffuser i assume). There are no mirrors to speak of on the car (I assume if it was really a race car it would of been a spotter doing lane changes for him). The Hood is missing, the Doors are missing, The rear hatch is missing, and No bumpers. Is the second car a BSR Car or just an JDM? Is there a Registry for BSR or BRE cars? is there a way to look it up? Would a Call to some Mythical support desk with Nissan yield any fruits?
  11. Working on a Ground up resto of a little thing I found this year Namely a Real Datsun race car.
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