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  1. Do you still have this car? I have toyo's as well and i also thought they had more trouble balancing them...
  2. Awesome workmanship! Great job building this kitcar... there is something odd about the kitcar shape though, if you compare it to the real Ferrari 250 GTO, i can't put my finger on it but all the kit cars i've seen look like they have been shortend or something... maybe it's just me?
  3. How about these? They look more like watanbe's right? RKR 17x9.5 ET-20 and costing about $800... I'm sure they also make them with 4x114,3 PDC...
  4. http://www.groupharrington.com/en/part/36/datsun-240z-and-260z-bumpers.html
  5. So what did you do with those big holes left after removing the bumper shocks? I bought a brand new set of stainless steel bumpers, you can choose them with or without the plastic trim...
  6. Image makes almost the same wheel in a range 15-18" and widths up 16J but this wheel in 16x10 would cost about $500 a corner excluding taxes and shipping...
  7. Got my wheels yesterday... all my suspension is at the powder coaters, so put the rims on boxes just get a look...
  8. John and Jane doe would probably not know the difference if you got these Rota's @ $600 for the SET!
  9. So what kinda suspension are you ridin'? Tire size? Fender rubbing/rolled?
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