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  1. pm'd on the manifold ready to purchase
  2. How much for the fuel pump shipped to so cal 91350 please pm me
  3. Want to buy non turbo 5 speed trans for my 280z I'm located in so cal 91350 but I will pay shipping costs
  4. Pm'd you as soon as you respond with your PayPal I'll take them
  5. dreco I see you got the 3 bolt have you installed them yet any problems with camber does the 3 bolt give you enough adjustment
  6. has anyone gotten these with the 3 bolt strut mount and had issues with camber is the 4 bolt option a must?
  7. they are in excellent condition looked to be recently rebuild no leaks when i was running them
  8. i paid 200 for just the carbs and most of the manifold this is more complete but if you think i am overpriced feel free to make any offers
  9. full S.U. carb setup with extra manifold, smog equipment, fuel pressure regulator and airbox this was a running setup on a l28 i had just went with a different direction would like to get 300 OBO
  10. these are not two piece just have the bolts for show and also so i dont rip anyone off im not sure if they are enkies i cant find a enkie stamp enkie is the only wheel brand i could find when i researched it that made these style wheels
  11. i believe these are enkies 15x7 0 offset two tires are new one has a nail but still holds air one has bad camber wear these have been sitting need some cash so 150 obo
  12. hey thanks i just saw this and was going to send him the link
  13. ill do 200 plus shipping do you know a good company to do so? i asked ups and they wanted 400 hense why i haven't shipped
  14. ill do 200 plus shipping do you know a good company to do so? i asked ups and they wanted 400 hense why i haven't shipped
  15. nevermind about meeting halfway i jsut noticed you were in texas but the 200 for the whole kit is still the deal
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