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  1. Who did the wiring for you? Check the coil signal wires at the ECU to make sure they are correct based on the YEAR of the ECU. I did my own wiring before and different year had different wiring diagram for the coil signal wires. I had this same problem when I did my conversion long time ago. GL
  2. I believe I have an 81 Turbo ECU laying around somewhere. Email me at Vinh280zxt@gmail.com and I will look for it.
  3. craig, I am in Philly. I have a hood for your Z. Please email me Vinh280zxt@gmail.com
  4. Please email me at Vinh280zxt@gmail.com . I have an LS1 in a 280Z with the Cobra Daytona Body kit that I want to get rid off. Email me for more pictures and info on it. I believe I have a lot of the works documented on Zcardomain.
  5. still desperately looking. please help me out
  6. I am in south Philly and I have a lot of parts for the Zs. Email me Vinh280zxt@gmail.com if you need something. Vinh
  7. I have a fin cover from the R200 VLSD. Please email me at vinh280zxt@gmail.com for more info.
  8. Jeffer, If it has the air induction tube then that's it. Please give me a call when you have a chance. Thanks in advance. Vinh
  9. Never thought I am in this situation but here it is. I am looking for a 1980 280zx stock exhaust manifold. The exhaust manifold must have the air induction tube and the EGR tube. Please email or call me if you have it. Thanks Vinh 215-880-9557
  10. If you want the real chrome fender mirrors I have a couple sets left. Email me if interest.
  11. How about a Daytona Coupe replica. Contact me if you want one. I have one I want to let go.
  12. I hope you didn't throw out the donor turbo car. I did the swap a long time ago and before I did I checked the wiring in the manual and they are many differences between the 2 models. So I took the easy way out and that is to swap in the entire wiring harness from the turbo car. This will save you a lot of guess work. After cutting and splicing you ended up screwing up the wiring harness. The turbo car has a fuel pump modulator sitting under the dash and on top of the ECU area. You need this modulator to prime the fuel pump. There is another 5 or 6 wires connector near the ECU that you need to splice in the power. If you have no spark then one of the wire in this connector is not getting the power. Double check on it. It's been a very long time ago since I messed around with the Z cars. I still have several in my garage here including a turbo ZX. So if you still need some help I can check and help you out. Send me a PM with ur number and we can get in touch. GL Vinh
  13. I just read thru most of your posts and I think it worth a try to look at the EGR valve. Do you still have the vacumm like connected to the EGR valve? Just disconnect it and test it out. The ECU connector would be the next guess on my list. GL
  14. The stock fuse block is fine. Just make sure you connect relays to feed power power to everything you added. The stock wiring harness caused so much problems because all the power wires are direct connections. Over time it built up corrosion. If you have relays in place it won't start the corrosion. I've done the swap on my friend's 280Z and I used the stock fuse block and he has not seen any problem after 5 or 6 years now. If you want to get fancy then go ahead replace all the wirings.
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