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  1. Thanks guys. I'll do those things and see if I get anywhere. Also getting a new fuel filter as well.
  2. Hey fellas! So I'm working on getting my 260Z up and running for the first time in 10yrs. I have a couple issues I'm hoping you guys can help me out with. First: I got it to start for the first time yesterday and there is a substantial amount of white smoke coming from the exhaust. Any ideas on the cause of that or what to check? Second: I've adjusted the carb so it idles well...ish right now, but as soon as I give it any gas it sputters and dies. I just ordered a new fuel filter but any other causes I should look at? Third: On the chance I need to get the engine rebuilt, any ideas on what I should expect to pay for a quality job? Thanks so much for any help you're able give.
  3. I am actually in desperate need of an L26 if you're selling it. I would love to go V-8 as well, but funds aren't there yet. How much would you want for the L26?
  4. It's one I've had for about 6yrs. The engine has been gradually getting worse and has now been sitting for about a year. Thanks for the info. I'll give them a call and see what they say.
  5. Hey guys, I need the engine in my 260Z rebuilt and would like to know of anywhere in Las Vegas that you know will do a good job and that I can trust. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys, gb20
  6. gb20

    racing pedals

    Motorsportauto.com has some that seem like they would cover pretty well
  7. Thanks for your help. Do you know of an inexpensive place to purchase the TKO? Any good used sources?
  8. Ok, so from what I found, a T5 from a mustang with it's bell housing will bolt right up to the 351W. Does this sound about right to you guys?
  9. Hey guys, My wife just offered $3,500 from her bonus (how awesome is that!) to put a V8 in my 260Z. I want to put in a 351W and a 5 speed trans. What transmission would you guys suggest for this? Any years I should look for or avoid? And any suggestions on what year engine to go with? I want to go carbed for now, if that makes a difference at all. Thanks for any thoughts you have guys, gb20
  10. Could someone just mount the fuel cell in the stock location under the car without going through the work of cutting out the spare tire well? I don't have a welder yet so this would make things much easier. Unless of course, there is a reason that won't work.
  11. Letting them know right now. I really hope they can get it fixed so no one else has to deal with this.
  12. So I have had the 6 into 2 headers and twice pipes exaust from MSA for a few months. I never thought it sounded right and it sure didn't run right. And from time to time, the Y pipe and the headers would blow apart. Tried adjusting it a few times and it never helped. So yesterday I took the whole thing apart and looked down the pipes. I looked in the Y pipe first and found this mess in there. They just welded the 2 pipes together then welded on the collector onto it like This. Once I cut this out and got the parts welded back together (thank you MREDDLE) it is totally different. My car sounds much better and wouldn't ya know it, it actually gets up and moves now too. So moral of the story: When buying parts like this, especially from MSA, check and make sure they are how they should be. They seem to do things the easy (lazy) way and ship out poor parts. I am just in awe at the fact they see this as alright to do. And thanks to MREDDLE for all the help getting my car to this point at all. Oh, and that slit is only 1" x 1/4" Not so good for flow at all.
  13. gb20

    White interior

    I like it and will probably do a second Z in a white interior. With the right seats, the right material to cover the panels and the right accents, I think it could give kind of a supercar feel to it. Get an engine and figure out something for the body and it would be awesome.
  14. I have this same issue on both my 260 and 280. And my dad has the same thing in his 260. I'm very curious as to what it is.
  15. gb20

    White interior

    I'm really liking the look of that. Anyone got any more pics of this for us? Maybe some views from the rear? Thanks guys.
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