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RB20DET into my 240Z

70 Cam Guy

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My understanding is that it's a 964 (late-80s) with a 993 turbo body swap, lots of carbon fiber. The engine was pretty crazy, twin turbo, ITB, lots of work. Afraid I can't find a regular pic of the car. I believe it made 360 hp at the wheels and was maxing out the injectors. It was supposed to be built for 600 to the ground. Apparently it would really rip and break all 4 tires loose






The S2000 behind was in for an LS1 swap and he was going for his BAR / Ref sticker









Blackbird :)

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I just read this whole thread as well. I must say 70 cam guy, well done, well done. Im still trying to decide between the RB20 or the RB25. The 25 seems to be more complicated with the wiring. I might have missed it, but what was the problem with the car dieing after a rev? Also what would you have done differently? I plan on going completly stock with which ever motor i choose. I like the look of your intake manifold. Oh its possible to run an intercooler with a stock set up right? I watched the video and I gotta say that sounds mean and nasty. I take it your leaving it streaight piped? Have you done anything else to it sense your last post? Ok, sorry for all the questions im just hoping I can make my swap as clean as yours. How long did your swap take total? like few months? weeks?

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