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Adding a small update while I wait for the Arizona Z goodies.


What is the worst thing to do on a Z? ....wait for it.....


Paint stripper and a scrapper, haha. Is there an easier way of stripping a car? I've always used the Jasco stuff, but it would take 2-3 coats to get to bare metal. This time i tried a aircraft stripper, but really its still takes around 2-3 separate coats to through the primer. Any advice?

post-17311-037042100 1337578043_thumb.jpg

post-17311-047472100 1337578053_thumb.jpg

post-17311-073700400 1337578057_thumb.jpg

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She is finally back on her wheels ;).


I ended up just rebuilding the original suspension and will be using the Arizona z stuff for my other 240z. This was a long process for me, haha. Ended up stripping all the parts down to metal and using primer/Eastwoods extreme chassis black paint. All the bolts were in the tumbler for 8+ hour, this made them shiny and new ( triangle media / water / Purple Power degreaser ), then in walnuts + metal polish for 8 hours.


New vented rotors, Porterfield brake pads, rebuilt calipers, and all new poly bushings ( these make a huge difference )



Stainless steel brake lines and Eibach Lowering Springs





She looks like hell, but she runs ;)




Lowering springs didn't really do much, but i guess they are only rated to lower 1-1.5" inches. These are 15x6 rims w/ 205 60 15 tires. I have some XXR 531's on order (16x8 +0), any suggestions on tires?


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Any concern for cross firing when using zip ties to organize wires?


I wasn't really to concerned at first, but after firing her back up, shes started running a little sloppy. I'm thinking it might be a fuel issue though ( damn Mikuni's and secretive tuning haha ). I've seen a bunch of guys zip tie the cables, so I'm thinking it should be fine. You think it's a bad idea?

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Needs more cable ties :D


This was a good idea, thanks @Snailed.



While I was fixin' up the cables today, I decided to paint the block. Had to take off the header anyways to weld in an o2 bung, so I figured i'd clean everything up while its off. Ended up just using Chevy Blue Duplicolor, as I didn't want to wait for the custom Datsun color rattle-can to ship out.







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Picked up some XXR 531 rims ( 15x8 0 offset w/ 205-60-15 tires ) for the Datsun. Im only running the lowering springs, so the next step are some coil overs, so i can get about 1-2" more inches of drop to fill out the wheel area.









Added on some Muteki Lugs


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Gotta thank Gabriel & Gia over at Technotoytuning.com. I pick up some of there pre-assembled coilover's with 200 pound springs in the front and decided to stick with the stock top hats for now though, as I really don't want to cut into the frame. Seem like there would be a few options out there for billet top hats that don't require you to cut into the wheel wells thought. I thinking about getting a few of them machined, has anybody had any luck with this?






Hopefully its gonna look like this after its done with a little bit of fender rolling ;)  ( photoshop ). Also, busted out the rattle can primer, its more of a "ratsun" now i guess hahah




The last item on the list i picked up was a NRG steering wheel and the thin profile quick release. This is gonna be good .....



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So I installed the coil-overs this weekend....and it seems that going with the stock top hats really doesn't leave much room for lowering ...BOOOOOO.




All you really need to do to use the stock hats is to drill out the center so they will fit on the new illumina dampers as they are to big and aren't slotted. Then place the supplied washers and bolt them up. Pretty easy...





With coil adjustments this high the car is like a lifted monster truck, haha. With around 3-4 inches of spaces between the fenders and tire but it has almost full travel.



If i go this low in the adjustments, I get around 1-1.5 inches of space, but it leaves me with almost no damper travel...argggggg




My goal is to get a really nice tight fit between the fenders and tires ( maybe a little roll ) while still maintaining full travel, so it looks like im gonna have to pick some camber plates next week, hopefully that will give me an extra 2 inches of clearance/travel for a perfect fit. Should i go TechnoToy plates or Ground control?


( 15x8s +0 with 205/60/15 tires )

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A quick update:

Installed my Christmas presents from the wife, a Momo adapter and a NRG 330mm steering wheel. I also have a NRG 2.5 quick release coming in a few days. The new wheel makes a huge difference from the old one, and the depth is pretty similar, but I'm not sure how its gonna feel with the added length of the the quick release. 




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If you go to DP camber plates from betamotorsports.com, you will replace your stock insulator and lower the car about an inch and a half. You could open up your travel a little. DP camber plates bolt right in. I have them and love them.


Looks like they are no longer available?..argg. Just wondering how much they cost when they were around?


Thanks for the info though

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