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  1. Hello, My name is Carlos Fuentes and I am a mechanical designer. I specialize in creating 3d models for documentation and prototyping purposes. If you require someone to create, edit or repair geometry for your next engineering project then I would like to help you. Some examples of my work as well as a summary of capabilities and contact information can be found on my website. generalarmament.com
  2. Thanks! I made some more progress by removing the few bolts and screws that either stripped or broke while I was disassembling the car. I also took out the front suspension to have it ready for powder coating. The old gauges were removed to make room for new aftermarket gauges that will work with the ls engine. And I picked up a big block chevy water pump and some adapters to fit it on the ls enough with the talkin. Heres some pics
  3. Hello Its been a while!!! A lot has happened since I last posted here and I apologize for the long delay. Funds were pretty tight for a while but everything is cool now. I finally picked up a t56!!! Made sure it was from a f body camaro too. Damn those things are expensive as hell!! I also picked up a digital slr camera and I'll be posting lots of pics of the project along the way I have some more things I need to take care of this month but after that, the project will pick up quickly.
  4. I'm going to be putting in a 5.3 with a t56 into my Z which will have more than double the horsepower of the old l28. Only reason I haven't picked up the wilwoods just yet is because I want to see if there was an alternative brake system in the same price range that could match or outperform the wilwood setup. I don't need something for track use, just something a lot better than stock
  5. Has anyone attempted to use brembo brakes?? I saw a nice set of evo lancer brakes for around 800. Im tempted to pick up a set and fab my own mounting brackets. Would it just be a matter of choosing the right suspension parts, wheels and fabbing some brackets??
  6. I like the covers themselves but it seems like there is no other chrome parts to compliment those large covers.
  7. Those headers posted on the previous page look really cool going through the fenders like that!!! Was there any issue with the exhaust being too close to the tires ??
  8. Please post some more updates soon. This is one of the cleanest builds Ive ever seen. Literary.
  9. Could you guys post some more engine bay pics please?? Im Interested in seeing how you guys are arranging the accessories and wiring in the engine bay.
  10. Hey man The best advice I could give is to do your best to find a good canidate for your swap. If you pick up a rusy old z you will be putting all of your money into sheet metal repair rather than getting the important stuff like ls performance parts, guages, etc.. You mentioned that year is not really important. I would look into maybe getting a 78. Its the last year of the first gen body style. And your more likely to find a 78 in better condition than a first year 240
  11. I know some of you guys have dropped some serious coin on ls/rb swaps. What are you doing about insurance??? By the time I get done with my swap I will probably have around 15k-20k into the build and I want to protect my investment!!! Anybody have a hybrid Z as a daily driver with full coverage??
  12. The 5 " Kevko pan looks nice and I want it but it appears as though having one with a kick out on it would interfere with a set of long tubes. Hoping Im wrong tho.
  13. Hello I am looking at getting a ls1 Moroso 7qt oil pan. The specs say 6' depth which is a tiny bit taller than a f body oil pan. (f body is 5.62 and moroso is 6) My question is if anyone has any issues with ground clearance using the stock f body oil pan and jci mounts. I dont plan on lowering my car too much but I would like some leeway in case I want to lower the car more in the future.
  14. The part number is 12573572. Has a flat bottom, no egr. I checked this site here where it explains how to tell the difference between a ls1 and ls6 intake. http://www.thedetailzone.com/LS6%20Intake.htm My intake has all the markings of a ls6, but no cathedral ports. freaking weird. Heres a couple more pics of the intake.
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