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76 280z 6-wire wiper motor wiring

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I had a question, does anyone have a complete wiring diagram for wiring a 6-wire 280z wiper motor and with the self park function. Im rewiring my entire car, all new wiring with megasquirt and im having trouble getting mine to work correctly. Of course it worked fine before i gutted the car, the only thing that i never had a problem with.


I have pulled the fsm up and traced pretty much everything, wired everything to the intermittent module, i get int, low, hi, but dont understand what i have to do to get the wipers to park themself.

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Make sure you still have ground at the wiper switch. When I rewired mine that's what I left off, its jumpered over from the ignition switch side of the steering column harness. Wipers would move but would not park. Basically the green and yellow wire at the switch needs to go to ground when the wipers are turned off. Ignore the fuse 14 note in the schematic, that's for my fuse block.



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