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  1. Boosting the LT1 could be tough considering its compression ratio. Plus unless you get a Corvette version you get a 2 bolt main bottom end. There is not a lot of speed equipment for the LT1. If you want 500 - 600HP it would be much easier to go the LS route. I love my LT1/4L60E but if I were going to do it again I get a LS3.
  2. There is nothing about the new LT1 that remotely compares to either version of the two older LT1s. Chevy for some reason just likes the name! There was one in the early 1970s, redone in 1993 with very few if any interchangeable parts and now the new Corvette version which is totally new. I have been running my 280Z with a reworked '95 LT1 for 10 years and over 40K miles with no issues.
  3. I think the 5.3 wiring harness, Assuming you're using a "stock" type harness uses a starter relay that if bad will cause that.
  4. I got Moog from Rockauto.com over 6 years and over 40K miles with no problems. I don't remember where they were made. The tie rods are listed under steering and ball joints under suspension.
  5. I had heat soak issues with my old 350 but fixed that with a gear reduction starter. But on my LT1 I went with the Ford solenoid. Research will tell you the problem is not the stock GM starter but the small wire feeding the stock GM solenoid. As the solenoid get hot it will require more current to activate it and the "normal" small gauge wire on the S terminal can not support that higher current and the voltage drops. Using the Ford system I use that small wire to activate the Ford solenoid, ran an 8 gauge wire from the battery to the input of the Ford solenoid and another 8 gauge wire from th
  6. All I can suggest is based on what I did to my car. I have '77 280z with an LT1. Tokico 185 and 200 pound lowering springs and struts. After the engine swap I had the stock front bar on with the rear bar removed. A friend of mine offered me a 1 1/8" front bar at an awesome price so I took it. I reinforced the frame and installed the bar. I was shocked at the difference it made as far as body lean and balance. Also I am running Yokohoma drive S 225/50-R17 tires on 17x8 inch rims. Going to low profile tire made a huge difference over the 14" 60 series that used to be on the car. Again this is ba
  7. I've seem the urethane ones flex at 70 mph.
  8. My hoodie arrived today, looks great, fits great, I'll be warm and toasty for this winter's cruise-ins. Thanks for doing this.
  9. According to the schematic of the PCM the Malfunction Indicator Signal come from PCM connection D9 (brn/wht wire) to the indicator bulb, the other side of the blub connects to ignition switched +12v
  10. deja


    From the album: 280Z8

  11. I have a set on Modern Motorsports companion flanges I just pulled off my 280Z (I going to convert to Wolf Creek half shafts). New these sell for $400, I will sell these for $300 including shipping. That includes the 12 half shaft mounting bolts. I also have two sets of 280zxt half shafts but both sets have torn boots. One set is disassembled and cleaned the other is just as they came off my car. I will sell them with new boots in boxes for $200 including shipping. Sorry I do not have the 27 spine stub axles, mine are 5 lug and I'm keeping them.
  12. Add me to the list for 1 hoodie, black, medium. Shipped to 30518. Send me your PayPal address and I will send you money. Thanks Dale
  13. Thanks to all of you guys for your help. But after sleeping on this I have decided to just bite the expensive bullet and get new Datsun bolts. My car is running a LT1 350 HP at the wheels and I really don't want to use 30 year old bolts on something this critical. I've gotten cheap in the past and lived to regret it.
  14. Not to worry. I just ordered new ones. When you think about what I paid for the WC CVs the new bolts are cheap, LOL.
  15. No, what I sold you was the 280zx axles, that's what I am getting rid of. Sorry I missed C&O the past few month, too many other commitments.
  16. I agree, I don't want to skimp. I have a few leads looking for real Datsun parts. But I have had issues with old used bolts in the past so I just may spring for new ones. After all $100 for bolts is pale compared to the money I spent for the Wolf Creek CVs.
  17. When I converted to 280zx CV half shafts I sold all my stock 280 parts. Now that I'm switching to Wolf Creek I had to but it all again, LOL. Hard to believe these bolts are that hard to find. Hopefully nullbound will be able o find some, he's local and a friend. I will post here if I find what I need so you won't look for nothing. Thanks.
  18. Yikes!!! I just got back from the dealer. They did not have them in stock and if they did they are $12 a bolt. I guess Courtesy's $9 a bolt isn't they outrageous after all.
  19. The head on their 10mm bolts is too big, 17 mm, I need 14mm. Nice site though.
  20. The holes don't appear to be machined to have the should bolt to fit tight. Wolf Creek says to use the stock bolts.
  21. Not tomorrow but soon, LOL. Let me know if you find any. According to Wolf Creek they have a 14 MM head, the ones I saw at ACE were bigger than that.
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