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Z31 electronics in an L28ET

Z Dude

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I am looking to do an L28ET swap into a 280z. I have read many other threads about every thing i need out of a turbo 280zx but then i found out about the Z31 ecu, maf, and cas swap. I know that i can use any Z31 cas as long as i have the 82-83 distributor and i am considering using a Z31 harness. So my questions are:

Do i need the Z31t ecu/maf or will an n/a ones work?

If i do need the Z31t ecu/maf, are the wiring harnesses different?

I ask because i have never seen a Z31t in any local junk yard or on craigslist around here, but n/a's seem to be everywhere. Also any wiring diagrams for a 78 280z, 83 280zxt, or 84-86 300zx or zxt would be greatly appreciated.

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Pretty sure all the MAFs are the same. You need to swap the Z31 distributor wheel into the 280ZXT distributor, there is no sensor swap. When I did the swap years ago, I got all my wiring diagrams from the factory service manuals at the public library. I don't have my copies anymore, but most of these can be found on the internet.

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Yes the NA / Turbo harness are different. I grabbed the FSM for the year I was going to use, 86, printed the wiring harness section, taped them together and had them blown up to a D sized drawing. Made life so much easier.


Make sure you grab (cut) the large electrical plug that goes out from the FI harness into the main body harness.

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