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fuel cell maintenance questions

chase hicklin

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Poly tanks have been used in factory vehicles for more than a decade. They can be damaged easier " punctured or heat related ". If possible route your exhaust away from your tank. On my project I used a Poly tank with aluminum heat shields to help protect from the mufflers that mount on each side of the fuel cell (very close proximity). At some point in the future I may change to aluminum only because I like the mufflers mounting locations. What I have noticed is in stop and go driving there is enough heat that the fuel cell becomes more flexible and may eventually cause the tank to get brittle and crack. Also I have heard comments that a poly tank will emmet fumes. Don't know how true that is. One article I read where the guy had mounted his tank inside the back of the car(bad idea), the fumes were noticeable.

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Plan was to start a new fuel cell foam thread, but this thread - despite being 10+ years old - seems ripe for continuation.


Triangle Engineering aluminum 20 gallon fuel cell, with foam... bought 23 years ago, sitting sometimes with fuel, mostly without, for about 22 years now, in a humid environment.  Probably I should replace the foam, yes?  If I don't, at least temporarily, would a standard inline fuel filter handle the "crud"?  This is a carbureted engine, no return line, 3/8" feeder line, mechanical pump (driven off of the cam via pushrod), making about 7 psi.


I can't find a web page for Triangle Engineering.  Are they still in business?

fuel cell.jpg

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