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S13/14 coilovers in a ZX

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I thought I'd start a thread to show people how I've gone about putting S13 coilovers in my ZX.


My setup currently in the front is:

S13 coilovers - BC golds with the knuckle to strut bolt holes drilled out to 14mm

S14 turbo knuckles with 5 stud hubs

R32 GTR rotors (296x32)

R33 GTS-25t calipers

R30 Skyline control arms with custom made ball joints

R31 Skyline sway bar

Aftermarket S13 radius rods that have been modified

R32 rack ends and tie rod ends (much beefier than the original ones & S13 ones)


Because of the country I live in all modifications like this need to be inspected and certified safe. I have seen people trying to use standard ZX control arms & ball joints, this won't work properly and is unsafe, the taper on the ball joint is different and the end of the control arm is not angled upwards like an S13 arm which means the ball joint at rest is fully over to one side and has pretty much 0 travel. If I was to do this again I would look at using S13 or S14 control arms or possibly R31. Have a look around and see if you can find somebody that rebuilds truck ball joints etc, they may be able make custom ball joints with the correct taper.


The R31 sway bar bolts right up to the R30 control arms that I used and fits the standard Z mounts. I like the idea of using the complete S13 or S14 hub and knuckle as this means that you can bolt on any brake upgrade that fits an S13/S14/R32/R33/Z32/C33/A31 etc etc




Ignore the rust hole, this has been fixed.




This shows how short R31 radius rods are and the necessary angle on the ball joints. I had my ball joints made longer to keep the control arms at a good angle when the car is lowered.




I used a chassis punch to make the holes for the camber plates.




This is what the brackets that I made look like for the radius rods, got the idea from the TTT ones.




For the rear I'm using:

Z31 5 stud hubs, bearings and spacer

Z31 5 stud rotors that have had the OD machined down, can't remember what measurement

S130 late model calipers and I think I used the Z31 caliper brackets

Z31 4x1 companion flanges & axles

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Awesome set up djz! You have put a lot of thought and effort into your car and it looks mean! I am going to try out the S13/14 bits sometime. Do you think putting hilux 4 pot brake calipers would satisfy the certifier in NZ for a 280zx with a 25DET? Thinking of getting car on road asap and then working on 5 stud hubs and coilovers as well as better brakes later on.

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