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My New 1988 300zx Turbo project

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I've wanted a Z31 for awhile. I'm not sure 100% why, but the S30 are classic and the ZX are okay, but I figured I'd step up a little bit and do something different.


Anyway, she is a NY car (rust), milage kinda high, no reverse, clutch is slipping, a few oil leaks and a multitude of other misc. issues.


She does run pretty good. Starts right up, boost is great. Keeping her all stock until I learn some.


I'm into her for $1000 and a horrid ride down Hwy 27 in stop and go traffic for 95 miles to Sebring! I can't for the life of me figure why anyone would live down that way though, race track aside.


I did score a sandblasting bucket 1/2 mile before picking the car up for $5!











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That is a good thing. The digital dashes I hear can be horrible and can be nightmares trying to repair/fix.


I like my digital dash....if they stop working, its 99.99% of the time just the power supply....simple re-solder and you're all set.

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Geese it's been awhile. Sold that one, bought another real clean 88T about a year ago and just picked up annother 89T for $400!


It was loaded with Rats. I must have soldered 60 wires! Fixed all those and it Started right up. 



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