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'71 240Z washer motor replacement

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Having just purchased my first 240Z and having just replaced the wiper motor with one from a '96 accord, appreciate this site when someone files a thorough "how to do it" complete with pics. I don't understand the relay part of the wiper to auto park.. but working on it.


Was searching forum for a washer replacement. I read one entry about a NAPA generic.. for $30 but no part# etc.


So for the fun of it, I asked the Parts Counter at Canadian Tire if they carried a washer motor for a '71 240Z .. after a snide chuckle.. wala.. he found a listing.


Here it is .. a TRICO 11-100 for $17.99 !!!! (made in USA)


Instructions talked about mounting to fender/firewall with attached bracket, but the round shape of it looked like it might fit the rubber holder on the jug.


So I bought it and here's the install since it worked perfectly.


Pump Model and size with jug in background:

post-28805-081805400 1335887900_thumb.jpg


You need to dremel off the attached plastic mounting plate:

post-28805-023528800 1335887902_thumb.jpg


Once cut off flush to circumference, it looks like this:

post-28805-044345700 1335887903_thumb.jpg


I used white grease to lube the cylinder & rubber holder to assist in insertion and then attached tube to inlet on pump:

post-28805-039872000 1335887905_thumb.jpg


Note outlet tube alignment (follows fender well profile) so you can hook it up to your washer hose:

post-28805-068373100 1335887906_thumb.jpg


Next I soldered new connectors that would mate with the original wiring harness [one male +, one female - ]:

post-28805-019344200 1335887908_thumb.jpg


Since the bain of these motors is rust, I covered exposed metal with film of white grease:

post-28805-083678100 1335887909_thumb.jpg


That's it.. re-install jug with wires hooked up and the outlet tube attached and test it out.....mine had great pressure/flow.


So far, the best $18 fix I've done.



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